Top Ten Gifts for Dogs

Dog gifts don’t have to cost a lot of money if you know just the right online shops. There are lots of great gifts that’ll be sure to please any dog – and his master. One thing that’s great for a dog and his owner, yet still costs under $10, is a traveling dog harness. Many dogs are injured every year because they love to ride but there’s no seat belt for them. These harnesses are designed just for dogs and you can choose ones that fit the size of your dog, too. Just measure the widest part of the dog’s chest then choose small, medium or large.

Another gift that’s handy while traveling with your dog is a pet air vent. Roll the window down about halfway then insert the pet vent. Now your dog can have lots of fresh air without you worrying about him jumping or falling out of the vehicle. These are really great when you must leave the dog alone in the vehicle for a few minutes.

Waterers are great gifts for your own dog or someone else’s. The gallon capacity waterers run about ten bucks. The waterers are made to automatically release fresh water into a bowl where the pet can enjoy it. The owner will enjoy it, too, since he won’t have to fill the bowl as often and his pet will constantly have fresh, clean water.

Whether the pet recipient is a new puppy or an older, ailing dog, he and the master will appreciate home floor protection pads. The pads are treated to attract dogs. Pets will use the pad instead of the carpet when he can’t make it outside. The pads are designed to kill odor-causing germs and protect floors. They come in various sizes for small to large animals.

Eliminate the mess of female dogs in season by purchasing disposable diapers for dogs. They’re great for new puppies when you’ll be away from home, too. The diapers are made so that they don’t leak and the tabs won’t stick to fur.

Keep your favorite dog from getting scolded and doing damage by trying pet repellent products. Dogs, especially pups, can wreak havoc on furniture, shoes, and other household items by chewing them. The repellents keep dogs from ever going near the spot where the repellent is sprayed. It’s the perfect way to keep them away from sofa and chair legs, rugs, and other things. You can get a couple of bottles, usually, for around ten bucks.

Vinyl training dummies are inexpensive and help teach your dog to fetch. Usually cast in a bright color, like orange or yellow, the vinyl dummies float on water and hold up well. Dogs love to fetch them, the color makes them easy to find, and they’ve got nubs all over them to encourage the dog to bite easily. They’re a handy way to teach any dog to retrieve.

While a pup is being housebroken he’s likely to have quite a few accidents – unless you have a doggie litter box handy. Perfect for small dogs in apartments or new pups in training. The litter boxes are similar to those for a cat and the litter is made especially for pups. Purchase litter and pan separately.

Frisbees never go out of style if you know a dog that loves to play. Purchase retro frisbees or new designs with vibrant colors. Dogs love to chase, jump, fetch and run, so this will be the perfect gift to give any dog lover.

A tag, with the pet’s name engraved, is a lovely and thoughtful gift. Tags are found at most stores online where dog items are sold and can usually be inscribed at the same store. Adding the pet’s address is a good idea, too.

If you want to please a pet, or the pet and owner, try one of these recommended gifts, found at most stores where pet products are sold, online or in your hometown.

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