Top Ten New Years Resolutions for Plumbers

This top ten New Years resolutions for plumbers came out of a fun conversation with my plumber boyfriend when we first started dating.

10. File workmens comp claim for exposed frozen bum

9. Paint wrenches neon pink to discourage theft.

8. Start the day by covering self in sewage, so it doesn’t matter how it ends.

7. Search internet for fireproof, waterproof, windproof, germ-proof, odor-proof coveralls with subtle butt included.

6. Install shower in work vehicle for those “not so fresh” moments.

5. Send all onlookers down crawl space to look for something.

4. Buy a set of those girlie tools. Just for fun, bring them in to do estimates.

3. Convince customer you need a flux capacitor to finish the job. Make it sound real and come back with an actual part.

2. Keep a whiskey flask filled with water on your tool-belt. Make them wonder.

1. Run a capped pipe to nowhere on every job. Give the next plumber something to ponder.

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