Top Ten Songs by Madonna

When you hear the name Madonna, who comes to mind? For some it is the image of Mary, mother of Jesus. On the other hand, most people think of pop star Madonna known for her wild antics, fantastic body, and undeniable talent. Madonna’s career has spanned decades and this is partly due to her constantly reinventing herself. Choosing Madonna’s top ten songs is not an easy task but it can be done.

10. “Music”
Madonna’s most recently released album from 2000, Music, bears a song of the same name. This song is edging into the world of British techno and dance where Madonna is trying to secure a spot and bring alive in The US. Once again, Madonna reinvented herself, and so “Music” lands a spot on the top ten songs by Madonna.

9. “Crazy for You”
“Crazy for You” can be heard on the 1995 album, Something to Remember. “Crazy for You” is a slight depart for Madonna, a very subtle song that while it remains in the pop category, is often heard on easy listening radio stations. The song is quite beautiful and shows that Madonna has range, putting it into Madonna’s list of top ten songs.

8. “Holiday”
Madonna’s self-titled debut album produced several breakout hits including “Holiday.” “Holiday” is the dance pop that first brought Madonna onto the scene. While there is little to the song that makes it extraordinary, it is a dance hit that has waged the test of time and introduced us to the amazing Madonna. For this reason, “Holiday” deserves a spot on the top ten songs by Madonna.

7. “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina”
“Don’t Cry for Me Argentina” appears on the album for the movie Evita from 1996. Madonna, although not often praised for her acting ability was seemingly born to play this part and in turn sing the song that was to be associated with the movie. This song shows that Madonna can truly sing and has range that was never previously shown. This song stayed on the charts for quite a long time and was heard virtually everywhere. “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina” is a beautiful ballad from Madonna and absolutely deserves a spot on her top ten songs of all time.

6. “Ray of Light”
“Ray of Light” is a song from the album of the same name that Madonna released in 1998. This song is ridiculously catchy and became a huge dance hit. This song also came during one of Madonna’s reinventions, proving to the world that she is a true star. With the beat that makes the body move and lyrics that induce a sense of euphoria, “Ray of Light” garners a spot on the top ten songs by Madonna.

5. “Material Girl”
“Material Girl” was first released on the Like a Virgin album from 1984. “Material Girl” is about a woman who expects the finer things in life to simply be handed to her. It is probably the music video to this song that made it so hugely popular, but the song itself has merit. The song is quite upbeat and appeals to the girl in all of us. “Material Girl,” while it has no significant message, is one of pure delight and ranks high on the list of top ten songs by Madonna.

4. “Into the Groove”
“Into the Groove” can be heard on Madonna’s Album, You Can Dance, released in 1987. This song is in true Madonna fashion. This is a dance song at it’s best. It is upbeat and catchy and can practically summarize the pop genre of the 1980’s. “Into the Groove” is just one of many Madonna’s fabulous dance songs, but it definitely ranks in the top ten.

3. “Express Yourself”
“Express Yourself” was released on the Like a Prayer album in 1989. Madonna once again reinvented herself with this album, proving that she had a voice with something to say besides the usual bubblegum pop people were accustomed to hearing from her. “Express Yourself” has a spectacular message to all women of being unafraid of who you are. While it takes on a very sexual tone, the message can be applied to all aspects of life. The song itself has great musical quality. The lyrics tell a story and the instrumental is flashy but does not overpower the lyrics. “Express Yourself,” with its excellent message, is one of Madonna’s top ten songs.

2. “Like a Prayer”
“Like a Prayer” is another song from the album of the same name. This song caused quite a lot of controversy because of the music video displaying Madonna making love to a holy man as well as burning crosses and a crucifixion. The song was intended to stir up a lot of emotion, both good and bad and Madonna certainly succeeded. All press is good press in the entertainment industry. Madonna made a big statement with “Like a Prayer” and therefore it deserves a spot on her top ten song list.

1. “Like a Virgin”
“Like a Virgin” was the song that put Madonna on the map. Released on the album of the same name in 1983, Madonna not only made a splash onto the music scene, but she made an earthquake. “Like a Virgin” was also a controversial song but it had the desired affect and launched her career. It is pop music at its best and ’80’s music in all its glory. “Like a Virgin” introduced us to Madonna and that alone makes it her best song ever.

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