Top Ten Songs by Montgomery Gentry

Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry have been in the charts and all over the radio for several years. Ironic that some of their most recognized songs never made it to #1 – but that does not lessen the impact of these Kentucky natives in country music. They’ve been nominated for awards at the top levels, have toured with major acts like Brooks & Dunn, and have blazed their own trail through the heart of country music. They crank it up without losing the country roots and have legions of fans who attend concerts at every opportunity.

It seems sometimes the songs I like most do not become singles – and in my opinion when looking at ten of the top favorites there’s some of those CD cuts that warrant mention. Narrowing the list to ten is difficult as they have put together several CDs of songs that even if written by others they bring their own personal punch to it. There’s many recognizable songs that there just isn’t room to mention all – their list of hits on country radio stands on its own with songs such as “Hell Yeah” and “Gone.”

“She Don’t Tell Me To” is a different kind of love song – a tribute to the good guys out there who stick with a relationship. “I’ve got demons and I’ve got pride and when I’m wrong I apologize like she’s mine to lose but she don’t tell me to” and the undertone of love is a gift. It’s not demanded, it’s given – as the wildflowers mentioned in the song. There’s a difference between doing something as an expectation or demand and doing it from the heart.

“Break My Heart Again” is a CD cut but one of my favorites. “How many finish lines have I had inside and never crossed – every one I ever saw…” and “when I see the good life closin’ in I go and break my heart again..” are but two lines that speak to the trying and seeming like the good stuff is just out of reach. Solid country and a favorite worth mentioning.

“Something To Be Proud Of” – the opening lines we’ve all heard stories like this haven’t we? It’s like hearing it and saying “gosh he was at my house!” Those family stories we have heard so often we can repeat them back – and yet it’s those stories that give us roots. Even when leaving it behind – we don’t leave it behind. We make our own stories and one day tell them to others. And, funny enough, sometimes they sound a whole lot like the ones we were told. Messages like “you don’t need to make a million just be thankful to be working if you’re doing what you’re able to put food there on the table and providing for the family that you love…” are direct and hold so much truth. Success is where we find it and if it’s just making one little part of the world better that’s surely something to be proud of.

“My Town” describes many small towns around the US and the people that hold communities together. The pride in having roots and even when we leave it sticks with us. “Where I was born where I was raised…where I keep all my yesterdays…” places that are imperfect but are home. Time rolls on and some things change – but traditions run deep and sometimes distance brings to light things we missed. “This is my town…” is something everyone can say and there’s stories in each town.
“Talking To My Angel” – just an awesome CD cut. “It’s me again..” is the beginning of laying the wrongs we do out there and hoping we’ll be forgiven even when we don’t deserve it. “Don’t lose faith in me I know I can win this battle wait and see…” both accepts responsibility for actions and asks for support – something that sometimes is difficult, if not impossible to do when “I want you to think the world of me…” Awesome song, solid vocals – deserves a mention in my opinion.

“Didn’t I” is a tribute to the unthanked and overlooked soldiers who undergo things most of us cannot even imagine. We can never repay our veterans and this song brings up “folks that sit and judge me who aint seen what I’ve seen or done what I’ve done” – a reminder we owe our soldiers so much more than we could ever pay.

“Speed” – the video for this song depicted even more clearly than the words alone the after effects of a breakup and seeing the memories everywhere. In trading in a pickup and getting a car it’s a means of leaving behind memories. “can it get me over her quickly can it outrun her memory…yea what I really need is an open road and a whole lot of speed…” While it’s not the first song to use literal driving away – “I need to find a place where my heart can go to heal” – it’s the urgency in now and the looking at memories that come on unasked.

“Some People Change” is the current (at this writing) single from Montgomery Gentry and the title cut from a new CD. If this is an indication of the rest of the CD it’s definitely one to not miss. Both the lyric of the song and the video depicting it are top notch. Speaking of racism and hate as well as the struggle of addiction it holds the message “here’s to the strong thanks to the brave don’t give up hope some people change against all odds, against the grain love finds a way some people change.” There is always hope, no matter how torn it seems things are. Don’t miss this cd.

“You Do Your Thing” and the video that illustrated it hold the line in the sand – believe what you want but don’t change me. “I’ll worry ’bout me – you just worry ’bout you. I’ll believe what I believe and you can believe what you believe too.” There’s too much negativity today and if more followed this song so much could be eliminated!! “You aint gonna be my judge because my judge will judge us all one day” speaks of holding to a different opinion than that of other people.

“If You Ever Stop Loving Me” – No matter how many seem against you things aren’t as bad when there’s someone standing beside you. “That’s alright I’m ok it ain’t nothing but another day but only God knows where I’d be if you ever stopped lovin’ me..” is an anthem for many and a song that seems created to do in concert…a tinge of defiance throughout.

Needs to be mentioned –
“Cold One Coming On” – when the gut feeling knows something isn’t right it’s hard to shake it. Powerful song, powerful video – deserves a mention.

“Daddy Won’t Sell the Farm” was an early release – as the urban moves to the rural more farms are surrounded. This song tells one story of people moving to a rural area then not liking the cows and tractors and farms. “There’s concrete all around him but Daddy won’t sell the farm…” and “you can’t pull roots when they run that deep” speak to those farms hanging on.

“She Couldn’t Change Me” – How often early in a relationship do we hear “oh he/she is the perfect person” then the changes start…the “if only…” comes in. For everyone who has ever been faced with that – and resisted changing – this is the some would say stubborn reflection that many can relate to.

“For The Money” is just too good to not mention – a reminder there’s more to life than money. “you can’t be in it for the money money comes and money goes… you gotta satisfy your soul..” so much truth in those words no matter what occupation, no matter what choices we make. “Everybody’s got a purpose…” no matter what job we have.

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