Top Ten Toys for Children 5 to 10 for Under $20

Trying to find the perfect gift for that special child in your life? With all the new products in the marketplace, it can be hard to choose. Remember that spending more money does not always mean that the toy will be more fun. Usually, the child enjoys playing with the box much more than they will enjoy the overpriced toy that came in it!

As you stroll through the aisles of your local Wal-Mart, try to think back to the time when you were little. The toys we played with in yesteryear are nothing like the toys and games of today. Try to avoid the toys with all the gadgets, beeps, and buzzers. Help the youngster be a free thinker. Let him or her use their own imaginations, brain power, and creativity.

Remember the classic toys.

As the mother of four children, I can tell you that I have seen many toys and games pass through the toy boxes in my home. These are the products that keep my children entertained and coming back for more!

1. Legos
2. Slinky
3. Play Dough or Silly Putty
4. Candy land
5. . Chutes and Ladders
6. Barbie or Hot Wheels
7. Ball
8. Frisbee
9. Puzzles
10. Cards

Legos are the perfect toy to have around. Even the most energetic child will keep his or her hands busy with this classic item. Build towers to tumble, garages for trucks, or maybe a castle with your child. Both parents and adults will love making their own creations with these colorful interlocking blocks.

Spend only a couple of dollars on this old favorite. Children love to toss this spring from hand to hand and marvel at the fluid looking rainbow this metal or plastic toy creates. Slinky is one of the only toys I know of that can walk down the stairs!

There will be no idle hands in the room when the Play dough or Silly Putty comes out. The vivid colored dough feels and smells so good. Squish it, roll it, or mold it with one of the fabulous Play Dough accessories. Your child will be busy for hours. Teach the kids how to make images on Silly Putty. I still remember copying my favorite comics onto this pliable putty.

Candy land and Chutes and Ladders help to teach children about colors, numbers, and taking turns. The whimsical artwork on these classic games just screams fun to the kiddos.

For that little boy or girl on your list, choose the Barbie or Hot Wheels that fits their personality. These items are not only fun, but collectible. Kids run their dolls and cars all over their imagined towns, or possibly literally. These small toys are perfect for packing and can go almost anywhere.

There are few products out there that are more versatile than a ball. Boys and girls alike can make up their own games, or play favorites. Kickball, Dodgeball, or even hot potato, to name a few.

Frisbee is another classic game. Toss one around with the kids and have a blast. Fun for all ages and runs off some energy, too!

Puzzles are great for those days when the weather just won’t cooperate. Simple puzzles are perfect for younger children or 3D puzzles for more of a challenge.

Pick up a deck of playing cards for hours of family fun. Younger kids can practice learning their numbers and their values with a game of War. Skip the computer and teach your youngster to play solitaire at the kitchen table. Card tricks are always fun to learn with a good book from the library.

You need not spend a great deal of money to put a smile on their face. Share a bit of history and a lot of fun with these great toys and games.

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