Top Vacuum Cleaner Under $200 – for the Arthritic or Elderly

A Vacuum cleaner for people who can’t carry heavy loads-elderly or arthritic folks – the Oreck Housekeeper canister vacuum might very well be their solution to cleaning a dusty, dirty home. I have bad arthritis and a very bad back. My arthritis had been getting steadily worse, despite treatments of various kinds, and I’d heard about the Oreck XL upright vacuum for years, but I’d just never thought about buying one. The catalyst for changing that was the day I was looking at a very unkempt and dirty house with dust balls and lint in every nook and cranny.

Suddenly my faithful old Kenmore upright heaved and wheezed and fell dead with a final groaning rattle. I realized my old friend was not going to be resuscitated and just sat down, upset that my sudden resolve to clean my house had been thwarted by happenstance.

It was then a light bulb went off in my head. I suddenly thought of the Oreck and all the ads I’d heard of about the free thirty-day home trial that was offered on the fabulous XL. Averse to those “free trial” offers, I decided just to visit the local Oreck store since there was one located not 3 miles from my house. That would give me a chance to actually browse the store and look at all the attachments, etc.

After spending about 45 minutes at the store, I decided on a canister vacuum since it was so lightweight and because it also had a rug and floor attachment that you could interchange with other specialized parts.
It had a handy cord that allowed you to carry the canister as well as a handle if you prefer to carry it around as you go from room to room.

At just under $200, this vacuum is a gem of a cleaning tool. It weighs only 5 pounds yet can really suck in the dirt and dust like nobody’s business. Tools are very easy to switch and they stay secured with a ShurlockÃ?® positive locking system. I have had no problem with attachments coming loose on mine, so I know this feature is a nice plus. It can also be used as a bower to dislodge dirt and dust from hard-to-reach crevices and corners. This vacuum offers a Hepa filter system to eliminate most pollen and dust allergens that vacuuming with other canister models might stir up.

I loved this neat little vacuum within the first few minutes of using it. I really think my purse is heavier than this little model. Having an attachable shoulder strap means that you can walk all over the house almost unaware that it’s hanging from your shoulder. This and the light weight are the main reasons it is a very indispensable cleaning tool for any arthritic or slightly impaired person.

But does it clean well? The weight and carrying ease would mean nothing if you couldn’t actually clean well with it. Well, in my opinion, the cleaning strength of this little tool is superb for its size. I say “for its size,” because I know there are models that will clean with more suction and beating action. Oreck even offers several models of canisters that would do a slightly better job at pulling in all the dust and dirt.

But once again, I was looking at a medley of features that serve the best all around purposes for someone who had great difficulty lifting and bending and pulling. In terms of overall usage, this vacuum is a winner. It is perfect for cleaning a car, a sofa, curtains and blinds. Its long 5 ft. hose also makes it quite easy to reach those high door frame tops and ceilings. There are extenders for the hose, which give even more reach and they are very easy to attach.

There is also a three-year motor warranty and a ten-year housing warranty, which are very handy in the event this little workhorse ever breaks. That’s a pretty good deal in my mind and could give an added sense of security to budget-minded seniors. There is also an easy monthly pay plan available for $34.66/month if the $200 price tag is not possible in one lump sum. The Oreck people are really nice-at least in my experience. They cater to their customers and really know their products since they only deal with Oreck products and definitely want to have repeat business. Your Oreck might last a lifetime, but eventually old customers come back to look at the air filters and other models if they’re happy with the service and products they’ve purchased.

Oreck has a website, which is very handy for people in the country or those who can’t get out easily. The website is very interesting and navigable. The one drawback to the Oreck Housekeeper canister is that the bags are not large and need to be changed more often than those in a larger model cleaner.

So in a nutshell here are the features that would appeal to a budget-minded senior or arthritic who is “lifting -impaired”: low price, light weight, easy to carry and portable, good cleaning with strong suction, tremendous versatility, extended reach capability, excellent customer service and warranties, ease of getting replacement parts and ordering online. The other canister models available can be viewed from their website and all have their advantages and disadvantages. I would advise everyone to browse the whole site to see what fits their particular purposes. They are all excellent cleaning tools, but for the weight and price you can’t beat this little model for the special needs of this particular market.

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