Toshiba’s Battery Recall is that All There Is?

Toshiba originally stated on September 19, 2006 that their Sony-made batteries might cause data loss if users suddenly turn off the computers without saving the data. Today (September 29) their story is changing. Reports across the wire are now stating that batteries may overheat and cause injury. Although Toshiba said they have not any problems with the batteries overheating, “But we wanted to assure and satisfy our customers.” See

Having a Toshiba A-60 satellite myself has been a nightmare. I bought my laptop factory direct from Toshiba. Since day one, it has been nothing but problems. The major problem is overheating. The laptop got so hot it burnt the serial number off the bottom of the computer. My laptop overheats even when my battery is out of the computer.

I immediately took the laptop to a “factory authorized service center”, When I first told the “factory authorized service center” about my overheating problem, they asked, “Is your computer blue?” I said yes, how would you know? They then admitted it was a common problem, because of the design of the laptop. The service center cleaned, my computer, ran tests and told be to buy a compressed air type duster to spray on the fan. I bought the product and use it on my computer weekly. It did not solve the problem.

Afterwards I began having additional problems, even after a new hard drive was installed. The “friendly” authorized factory service center suggested I “buy a new computer”. This is what I had done eight months prior to their outrageous comment. I then called Toshiba and they said they would send me a box and return postage label for shipment back to Toshiba. Service from Toshiba was fast and in a week’s turn around, I had my computer back. However, it was not any better.

I then decided to take the laptop to a local computer repair shop. They could find nothing wrong with the computer, however upon returning home the problem started up again. In addition, all the new anti-spy ware they installed was now missing and that was without going on the internet.

In August I took my computer to the Geek Squad, and was told my computer was fine, but prone to overheating. I should watch it in hot and humid weather. However the Geek Squad managed to managed to “lose my computer and software” for over two days. Again the problem is not fixed. It is now September in New England and cool weather prevails, however my laptop is still overheating and shutting down. My only other option if a recall is not issued is to buy a new laptop, however it will not be a Toshiba.

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