Travel Tips for Parents

Traveling. Ask any parent one thing they dislike doing with the kids and more than likely, the majority of them will answer traveling. Traveling with children can be extremely stressful, so stressful that often parents don’t travel anywhere in order to avoid an endless car ride or plane trip trying to entertain the kids.

Travel with kids does not have to be stressful. Parents do not have to spend endless hours breaking up fights between tired children. No longer do parents need to dread a trip in the car or a plane. There are so many wonderful ways to keep kids entertained while traveling.

DVD: If you do not have a DVD player for your car, go get one! You can purchase a portable DVD player to use in a car for a fairly reasonable price. DVD players are a lifesaver when taking a road trip with kids involved. Pop in a movie and parents are good to go with peace and quiet for an hour or longer.

Snacks: It is hard for kids to argue with each other when their mouths are full. Try bringing some healthy, yet fun snacks for kids to have when traveling. A lot of times children get grumpy when they get hungry. We all know what happens when kids are grumpy; they fight! Keep a supply of snacks and drinks on hand for any traveling you may do.

Busy Fun: Before traveling with children, stock up on toys that will keep them busy but allow them to have fun. Parents with younger children should purchase things like the following: a magna doodle for drawing, markers that require special paper in order to draw, coloring books, crayons, and picture books. Another idea is to purchase small toys that the child has not seen and surprise him or her with them during the trip. Something new should keep a child entertained for some time.

Hand-Held Video Games: Not every parent wants to park his or her child in front of a hand-held video game, but at times, especially during long travel hours, they can prove to be very beneficial. Children are entertained by them; thus resulting in a calmer, more peaceful trip. If your child is too young for things such as a Game Boy, how about bringing a Leapster? Leapsters are fairly new hand-held video games for toddlers. The best part about these games is that they are educational. Your child can learn his or her ABC’s all the while being entertained during travel.

Travel Times: While not something related to entertaining children, the times you travel can make a difference. If your children sleep easily in a car or a plane, try early morning travel. Many families will get an early start at car travel, such as waking at four in the morning, packing up the kids and getting on the road. This can be a great idea for people who want to be able to travel for long periods of time without stopping. Many times kids will fall back asleep in the car or on a plane, and sleep for long stretches. This ensures some non-stop travel time for parents who want to make a big dent in time traveled before stopping.

Traveling with kids does not have to be stressful. If parents are prepared and have a well-stocked car with travel supplies, a road trip or plane trip can be very enjoyable!

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