Treatment of Depression Becomes More Affordable

Depressive Disorders affect approximately 18.8 million Americans each year. Of this, approximately 80% of suffers do not seek treatment with cost of care as a primary factor. With the FDA’s approval of the generic depressive medication, Venlafaxine, the treatment window for depression has widened and is now made more available to patients who may otherwise not seek treatment. When considering treatment options, consult your physician regarding the use of the FDA approved generic of Effexor, Venlafaxine. With appropriate dosing, monitoring of contraindications and knowledge of side effects, Venlafaxine may provide the solution to relieving major depressive symptoms such as fatigue, helplessness, hopelessness, suicidal ideation and sadness.

Venlafaxine, a product of TEVA, was designed in the treatment of major depressive disorders through its ability to inhibit the body’s re-uptake of norepinephrine. As a generic drug for the treatment of depression, Venlafaxine impacts and improves major depressive disorder through its ability control, regulate and contribute to hormonal influctuations commonly seen in the depressed patient. Improvement of depressive symptoms is most commonly progressive but can be seen in as little as two weeks and, in some cases, without requiring additional treatment or mental health intervention.

Dosing of the new generic, Venlafaxine is based on health status including level of depressed moods. Tablets are available in 25 mg, 37.5 mg, 50 mg, 75 mg and 100 mg doses. Your physician will determine the appropriate dosing following a physical examination and health screening. With the contraindications to patients currently in migraine therapy, it is recommended that the generic depression medication, Venlafaxine, be administered to a depressed patient in an environment where blood pressure and other vital statistics can be closely monitored. Due to Venlafaxine’s impact on the hormonal system, if treatment for migraine therapy is concurrent, the physician will need to assess symptoms and side effects to ensure the patient does not suffer from a condition known as Serotonin Syndrome.

The FDA approved, generic depression treatment, Venlafaxine, does not come without side effects. However, most side effects will dissipate as the treatment progresses. Common side effects may include blood pressure change, sexual dysfunction and weight loss. As stated earlier, there is a risk of developing Serotonin Syndrome when Venlafaxine is administered concurrently with a migraine therapy drug. As this can rarely result in a fatal outcome, it is recommended that symptoms such as coma, seizures, several diarrhea, increased heart rate, loss of coordination, hallucinations and even vomiting be reported to your physician immediately.

In addition to migraine therapy contraindications, Venlafaxine, is contraindicated in pregnancy as well as patients currently on other brands or types of anti-depressant medications. In pregnancy, Venlafaxine, is considered a fetal risk as babies born to mothers who take venlafaxine have developed difficulties in breathing and feeding. As a result, Venlafaxine should only be used, in the treatment of depression, when no other alternate form of treatment is available. Patients with bleeding disorders, cardiac disorders, seizures or even those with high body temperatures should avoid the use of Venlafaxine as the treatment may disguise the symptoms of a cardiac condition or other life threatening health condition and, therefore, may result in a patient misreading symptoms of another life threatening condition.

When suffering from depression, it is often difficult for the patient to assess what treatment avenue to consider. Most often, patients find embarrassment in discussing symptoms, in conjunction with the cost of therapy, to result in a lack of care altogether. In an effort to improve the financial implications, TEVA has recieved FDA approval for the generic anti-depressant, Vanlafaxine. Discuss your symptoms, progonosis and treatment with your physician today and the path to better health will be more clear within a couple of weeks.

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