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When faced with a Washing Machine, or Electric Clothes Dryer malfunction, the only logical decision is to bring the equipment to a qualified service center. Washer and dryer repair is far more complicated than it was even 5 years ago, as almost all new production washers and dryers are high efficiency models which utilize complicated computing control systems to monitor and adjust solution and electricity efficiency.

This process can be even more complicated without proper knowledge of the machines, as technicians attempt to inflate repair estimates through the technological ignorance of the customer. This is an unfortunate but relatively common practice.

This article may help to recommend a northeastern Massachusetts washer dryer and general appliance repair center. I had an extremely pleasant and satisfying experience conducting business with them.

My washer repair experience with Dracut appliance center

Kenmore elite high efficiency (HE4t) front loading washing machine. The washing machine was producing an error code for several weeks, the effect of the error code being the interruption of the wash cycle, usually in the beginning or middle of the cycle. This was extremely aggravating as the clothes would then sit in the drum completely soaked for remainder of the cycle without the knowledge that something was wrong, aside from the flashing error code and an audible beep.

With a simple navigation to the Dracut Appliance center website, I was easily able to find the section of the website where washer and dryer repair requests are submitted through an electronic form. Within days, I received a phone call stating that a repair tech would be sent to my home in order to possibly diagnose the problem and provide an estimate for the repair.

The Repair

After the technician had come to inspect the washing machine, he immediately set out to decipher the error code that the Kenmore high efficiency machine was displaying. He did this after running a diagnostics test on the machine in which the washer ran through all of its available mechanical and electrical functions. This was rather interesting to watch.

The end result was that a simple malfunction on a water pressure sensor inside of the machine indicated to the computer that no water was entering the machine, when the opposite was in fact true. This turned out to be fantastic news, but even more amazing was that the technician was able to fix the problem without taking the machine apart, or even taking it outside my home. All that was needed was a simple reinstall of this part in the correct manner, and it worked like a charm.

I was not charged for this service. Fantastic. Everyone was as nice as can be about it, and the technicians employed there are very knowledgeable in their particular technical field.

Dracut appliance center

1112 Lakeview Ave, Dracut MA 01826.


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