US Census Bureau Has Lost 672 Laptop Computers Since Bush Took Office

The US Census Bureau reports that it has lost over 600 computers since 2001 that contain valuable personal information about millions of Americas. If that’s not enough to scare you, consider that the US Commerce Department – which oversees the Census Bureau – has lost over 1100 computers since that time. Just in case you didn’t catch on to the really important number there, I’ll make it plain.

Ever since the Bush administration came to Washington – you know, the ONLY guys in the country who have what it takes to protect Americans from the threat of terrorists – over 1,000 laptop computers have been gone missing just from the Commerce Department. The good news is that so far no one seems to have used the information contained on those computers for personal gain. The bad news is that at least 81 of them contain the Social Security numbers of individuals. The worst news is that the people who have been overseeing these computers were appointed by Pres. Bush.

Just like Michael Brown. And Michael Chertoff. The geniuses who did such a bang-up job responding to Hurricane Katrina. With each passing day, it becomes more and more apparent that nobody – absolutely nobody – even remotely connected with the Bush administration has the slightest idea how to do their job. From Donald Rumsfeld who instructed his underlings that they would be fired just bringing up the subject of post-war plans for Iraq to these bozos at the Census Department, the Bush legacy has been one not just of every employee rising to his level of incompetence, but of every employee rising to the level of spectacular incompetence.

Where will it end? And how long will take before that 35% who still support the Bush administration finally learns that by the time Bush leaves office, the United States will be the laughing stock of the world that France used to be. I suppose it will finally, ultimately, take one of Bush’s crony-appointees being responsible for the deaths of thousands of orphans before these supporters finally look around and say, hey, he’s not perfect after all.

I fear that only total nuclear winter will be enough to convince them that Bush is the Presidency what Journey was to rock and roll.

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