Terrell Owens Denies Trying to Kill Himself

Dallas Cowboy receiver Terrell Owens said “there was no suicide attempt” explaining that he mixed pain killers with supplements and became groggy. An empty bottle of pain medication was found by his publicist who then called 911, which Owens thinks is what lead to all of the confusion. “I was non-responsive when she made that call,” Owens said. “She made the call out of her judgment for my well-being.” He claimed the rest of the pills were in a drawer. Rescue workers arrived at Owens’ home around 8 p.m. Tuesday and took him to an emergency room. When word spread, publicist Kim Etheredge said it was an allergic reaction. But the story shifted Wednesday morning when several media outlets received a police report – that had yet to be released by the authorities – saying Owens had attempted suicide by overdosing on the painkillers, even putting two more pills into his mouth after an unidentified friend, later identified as Etheredge, intervened. The police document said Owens was asked by rescue workers “if he was attempting to harm himself, at which time Owens stated: ‘Yes.”‘ When the document was officially released by police, about half the document was blacked out, including the phrases “attempting suicide by prescription pain medication” and “a drug overdose,” as well as the details of Owens having two pills pried from his mouth and Owens saying “Yes” when asked if he intended to harm himself. “I was kind of out of it,” Owens said. “I can barely even remember the doctors, much less the police officers asking me questions.” Appearing in a news conference at team headquarters a few hours after leaving a hospital for what a police report described as “a drug overdose,” Owens wore workout gear and no bandage on his broken right hand. Smiling, the star receiver seemed more amused than peeved at the latest ruckus surrounding him. Owens blamed hydrocodone, which is a generic form of Vicodin, mixed with all-natural supplements for making him so ill. “It’s very unfortunate for it to go from an allergic reaction to a suicide attempt,” he said. The Cowboys have a game in Tennessee on Sunday, and Owens says he feels very capable of playing despite the incident and his broken hand. He also added that he’s “not depressed about anything.”

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