Unique Part Time Jobs in Austin, TX

Unique Part Time Jobs in the Austin Metro Area

Austin, Live Music Capital of the World, prides itself in being off beat and weird. Shirts bearing the mantra “Keep Austin Weird” are commonplace throughout the downtown area, which itself provides enough of its own brand of weird. Leslie, the “mascot” drag queen of 6th street, has frequently run for mayor and people, 2000 people, voted for him. This speaks volumes about Austin, it’s a fun loving city, so there must be some fun loving jobs right? Correct again, whether you wish to be a lab guinea pig(PPD Pharmaco), a music promoter and scene organizer(various venues), or be queen of the drag, Austin has every opportunity, and I’m going to tell you where to find them.
Lets start with some guinea pigging jobs. PPD Pharmaco is a world renowned drug testing and manufacturing company, and they will pay you to test out their drugs, including drugs that have been on the market for a while, like Tylenol, and newer drugs that are just beginning testing. For most of these jobs, you will have to spend some time in PPD’s clinics, sometimes up to a few days, depending on the requirements of the drugs. However, their facilities are quite pleasant, big screen tv included. One of the most popular procedures is to test pain medication while having your wisdom teeth removed, as PPD will pay up to 300 dollars per tooth. After taking your teeth out, you stay for 24 hours in their clinic, and then you are released, cash in hand. The higher paying jobs are most often only available to healthy nonsmokers, so there’s another reason to kick that smoking habit. By participating in a study, and staying for up to a week in the clinic, you could earn up to 6,000 dollars. Call 800-773-2782 for more information regarding this gold mine.

Music is one of the city’s passions, and as such, there are numerous ways to get a job in radio, concert coordination, and band support. Radio is actually the hardest to get into here, as there are mainly internship positions available. By directly contacting any of Austin’s numerous radio stations, you are almost garaunteed to find an internship available, and while it isn’t the highest paying job, it is a GREAT way to make contacts, and get free band gear. Being a concert volunteer is another chance to get to meet great bands and great people, all while being immersed in the music culture of Austin. Wherever, and whenever large concerts, such as South By SouthWest are being held, there are calls for volunteers to help with set up and general support. You get the chance to meet famous bands, including System of a Down and Los Lonely Boys, and you almost always get into the concerts for a reduced price, or even free. For an even more personal and up-front experience, you can become a supporter of a local band. This job often means promoting and selling band merchandise, as well as meeting often with the band to discuss their goals. For this particular opportunity, it’s as easy as finding a band you like and asking to become a promoter. There is usually a commission offered, as well as free dibs on new CDs, and sneak peeks at upcoming projects. Shows are usually held at neighborhood parks, so it’s a great way to get the music experience for cheaper than larger, corporately funded concerts.

Downtown Austin is open for partying 24/7, and something’s got to keep those people up and excited for those 24 hours. And that something is the coffee. Because coffee is such an integral part of hip Austin culture, many coffee shops hold tastings and you can participate. These tastings are to ensure the quality of the product, and by getting in on these, you not only net free coffee, but often can get paid for participating in their surveys. Many downtown cafÃ?©’s also have more traditional employment opportunities, and these are also great for getting free coffee as well as a steady salary.

So, if you’re prepared to take a new approach with your job, and if you’re ready to have some fun while you’re at it, Austin is just the place to be. This city specializes in providing fun offbeat jobs that more often than not, pay more than you think. These jobs are all a great way to get familiar with the city life, all while taking home a nice bit of capital.

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