Urine Gone: The Perfect Product for Pet Owners and Healthcare Workers

Urine Gone is a product meant to stifle the odors from a cat litter box, smells from pets that aren’t completely housebroken, or even urine odors in the bathroom. The product does exactly what it states: it gets rid of urine odors.

I have multiple cats and have tried every type of litter. Some litters work much better than others, but even with the best litter, you can still have odors around the litter box, and elsewhere. It used to be that when I left my house, and stayed gone for a few hours, I’d smell the litter box as soon as I walked into the house, no matter how well I had cleaned or how fresh the litter was.

With Urine Gone you’ll no longer worry about litter box smells. It works just as promised, around litter boxes or in your own bathroom. The formula neutralizes odors immediately upon using it.

I ordered Urine Gone from a tv ad that promised a free black light for locating urine spatters around the litter box or in the bathroom. The light is meant to make urine fluoresce to make it easier to locate it. The light only works if it’s pitch dark in the room, but sure enough, when I shined it around the litter box, I could see where the cats had missed the box. There were fluorescent places on the lower wall and on the floor, next to the pan. After treating with Urine Gone I no longer had to deal with the smell.

When I ordered Urine Gone, they had a special two-for-one deal where you pay for one and they give you a second bottle free, along with the black light and a free pet hair brush for removing hair from furniture and drapes. After shipping was applied, it made each bottle about $10 a piece.

Since you can use the black light to locate the source of the odors, you don’t waste it by applying it randomly around the house.

Use Urine Gone on the toilet, surrounding floor, cat litter boxes, pet stains on carpeting, baby diaper pails and anywhere else that urine odors might be a problem. I now use mine a couple of days a week, around the litter box and nearby wall. When I come home from shopping or errands, now, I don’t smell the litter box when I enter my home.

Urine Gone isn’t a product that just covers up smells. As a matter of fact, Urine Gone doesn’t have a predominant smell at all. To use Urine Gone, soak the area until wet. If you’re using it on carpet, apply enough Urine Gone to where it will soak through the padding and down to the floor. Don’t blot the Urine Gone up with a towel, but instead, let it sit until dry. Wipe off any remaining residue.

Urine Gone can also be applied to areas where there has been feces, blood, or vomit, making it very helpful to healthcare providers. Try Urine Gone – you’ll be very satisfied with this worthwhile product.

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