Uses for Duct Tape

The makers of duct tape boast it’s many uses, and indeed, there are quite a few of them. Here are a few uses for duct tape.

Duct tape is a really good thing to keep on hand in you beauty kit. It is good for getting rid of pimples off of your face instead of buying those expensive strips. It is also good for taking off dead skin cells-very useful for those with flaky skin.

Use thin strips of duct tape to hold together your glasses until you can get new frames. Similarly, you can use duct tape to hold together just about anything, from TVs to your car dash.

Duct tape can also be used to fix holes in your tent to help keep out water and bugs. It is also good for fixing the holes in things like the roof of your convertible.

A common use for duct tape is holding the mirrors on your car. I know that I have had to put quite a few mirrors back on several cars and trucks.

Instead of buying those special rolls that are made for taking dog hair, lint, and fuzzies off of your clothes, use a trip of duct tape. This will save you tons of money, while still getting the desired effect.

Duct tape-especially the colored kind-has been used for quite a few art projects. These projects have included: Flowers wallets, lamp shades, etc. I have also recently seen on one of those designer shows where someone made 2 dresses out of duct tape. One was themed cards and the other was themed the American flag.

When babies learn how to take their diapers off, it is cute at first, but it quickly can become a real pain. One method to keep a baby from taking off it’s diaper is to put duct tape on it. It will be harder for you to get it off, but it is also harder for the baby to get it off as well.

While searching the Internet to see just how common this type of article is, I came across an interesting use for duct tape: wart removal. Apparently, if you put duct tape on the wart and leave it there until the tape falls off, then keep replacing the tape over and over again, the wart will fall off in a couple of weeks.

NASA Has a set of protocols for emergency medical situations that arise while on missions. These protocols include everything from simple illness to psychotic astronauts. Their protocol for subduing these psychotic astronauts includes the use of duct tape. I saw this on a commercial for Space Week and thought it was cool.

You can also use the roll from the duct tape to make Christmas ornaments, you just have to cover the whole roll so no one knows that it used to be a duct tape roll.

It is also good insulation for your water pipes. Just wrap it around your pipes a few times and you are ready for winter temperatures.

Of course, there is also the use that duct tape was made for originally, putting together and repairing heating and cooling ducts.

It’s amazing what this simple strip of duct tape can do. These were just a handful of the many uses of duct tape.

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