Visiting Sedona, Arizona

Sedona, Arizona is approximately 120 north of Phoenix and only 30 miles south of Flagstaff. Located at the mouth of Oak Creek Canyon and in the middle of Red Rock Country, Sedona offers breathtaking landscapes. Located over With an average high temperature of 74 degrees and average low of 45.7 degrees, Sedona offers four mild seasons and can be enjoyed year round.

The history of Sedona is fascinating. In the year 1876, the first white settlers came to Verde Valley and almost twenty years later, there were still only a few settlers as most claimed it to be too remote for them. A few years later, a postal service station was opened by Mr. T. C. Schnebly and he named the new post office after his wife, Sedona. Since that time, Sedona has grown and in 2003 the population was over 20,000 and seems to be growing immensely. Before white settlers came along, it is thought that many native cultures existed and inhabited the Verde Valley over the last 6,000 years.

Well known for its beautiful panoramic views, Sedona is an expected habitat for the artist. Along with the Sedona Arts Center, where artists gather to explore and exhibit their works, there are over forty art galleries in the area. Sedona is also home to one of the most successful artist organizations in the country, The Cowboy Artists of America. Sedona also boasts other arts and cultural events, such as the annual Sedona International Film Festival. Arts and culture are very much alive in Sedona.

The Red Rock Country is also well known for its reputation as a spiritual mecca. Many alternative healers have transferred to Sedona, with its many Vortex sites. These sites are believed to have enhanced energy them and many come to this area to experience a unique spiritual awakening. There are many guides available in Sedona that will help you in the rejuvenation of your spirit. You can also explore the many cliff dwellings that are thought to be constructed by the Southern Sinagua People in approximately 650 A.D.

The Red Rock Country offers many the chance to experience the scenery by horseback, mountain biking, or even hiking. You may even have the chance to experience this by taking an ATV tour. There are also very popular camping and picnicking sites to enjoy. As a large portion of Sedona is owned by the Coconino National Forest, you will want to check with them for the proper camping or hiking permits.

Sedona is also home to a smorgasbord of dining facilities. Whatever you desire in style, atmosphere, or flavor, you will find it in Sedona. Whether you prefer Mexican, French, Italian, or classic-American, one of the many established dining facilities will have what you are looking for. You will also find locally brewed beers in several eateries and several lounges with live music available. You will also find several areas in which to shop in Sedona. Whether you are looking for art, crafts, or antiques, the many shops and boutiques in Sedona should provide you with what you are looking for.

Real estate in Sedona is high in demand and the market continues to soar. While the price of homes has been on the increase over the last two years, over the last quarter it has stabilized and there are many homes to choose from in the area. Being that Sedona is breathtakingly beautiful, it has naturally been the choice for artists and famous people alike to settle in and make this their vacationing spot. Whether you would like to purchase a piece of land or an existing home, the real estate market has many options for you to choose from and you can have your own little piece of heaven on earth in Sedona, Arizona.

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