War is Bringing Home Serial Killers…

Guns: My short stint in the South gave me an appreciation for guns. It’s unfortunate but true, leaving New Y ork City for a supposed tranquil, calmer environment, here, misdirected youths run amok and basically bored as I found myself one hot lazy day (103 degrees) and my nephew asked if i wanted to target practice. Why not?

I don’t know if all shooters felt what I did but discharging a fire arm is powerful and I liked the feeling of shooting off. Go figure. In the 20 some odd years of living in New York city the thought of shooting a gun never crossed my mind. Opportunity?

CrackHeads: It may actually be two words, but there is some thing scary about it written this way….crackheads…. I don’t know many people who has not known atleast one crackhead and trust me, even if you think you haven’t you probably have and you just don’t know it as yet, there are the “functioning addicts” but when they loose it and every thing they tweak out… yes they even have their own crack jargon.

Remember and beware when the crack/rock enslaves them all I can say is DRAMA! …. so here is some advice. Drop them quickly while you can, there is no tough love here unless they want to quit. And 99% don’t.

If you think intervention will work. Go for it. But this is a new breed of drug addict and addiction. These are modern day vampires sucking you dry of life, money and emotional energy they then carry their shrunken frames around like zombies whose only focus is whom they should prey upon and con next.

Crack does not discriminate it’s not just about low income minority usage. Professionals, millionaires, people of all ages, gender and nationalities has applied and are crackheads. Drug abusers are generally good actors, yet may I point out that crackheads are great actors…and I am placing emphasis on GREAT acting when they want some thing from you preferably money for that glass dick.

Their specialty act…..crying story telling and lying…convincingly. CrackHeads become creative deceptive criminals, with Jeckyl & Hyde personalities brewing within, pairing with an out of control aggression and paranoid behavior….this is the DRAMA I mentioned…. You have been forewarned.

It takes people mainly relatives some time, as long as 10 to 20 years to finally GET IT…this is a career move for the crack user until jailed or dead…..my…my, did I say 10 to 20 years? Yes crack has been an epidemic just that long.

Another added concern is when music/movie stars basically can get their own reality show, high lighting they do indeed abuse illegal drugs for all those who do know, now they are letting the entire world in on it….hello?

Many kids think it’s OK, they are very impressionable, they are still children, they think because it’s on television or it’s their favorite rock star, it’s ok. It’s not and i don’t blame television as much as the parent(s)

But Hey! That’s entertainment right? Believe me if you have ever really dealt with a crackhead personally, it’s not entertaining. They are not entertaining, they are exhausting and tired human beings. So thats another lie. Nor have I ever seen alcohol and drug abusers look so healthy as they do on reality tv, (it must be all that make up) but it kind of fits in with the anorexic lifestyle.

Heres the pitch…we are storytelling and viewing wealthy people who can afford the addictive lifestyle at least for now. Now it’s television that is sending a negative message. If a crackhead has wealth this is one big never ending party for them, until the cash runs out or they die. And they don’t ever seem to die, they multiply, they just want to leech onto you and make you as miserable as they are from their cravings and withdrawals.

Reality check….Only wealthy crackheads who indulge in this habit look some what healthy as they do on television, but give crack time and it will still leave the crackhead penniless in the long run.

GANGS: Coming to a nice small quiet town near you…if they haven’t already infiltrated themselves. This is not a big city epidemic anymore. This is Any Town USA. Another out of control situation, every nationality has a gang, every state just about has one, they consider themselves a mafia or gangster or whatever, it’s not cool so what do you do about it? Get educated. A person (and you will begin to feel more like a victim) needs to be cooperative with law enforcement and reach out, write letters, involve yourself if your community is besot with these deliquent short minded thugs. At least thats what a police officer advised me.

Gang activity promotes gun selling, and usage, drug addicts and distribution, violence, murder and now undergoing just about any and all criminal activity there is. If you want to be in a gang, be useful, join the armed forces, they are dying for people to fight and die for a cause and you will be issued a gun.

WAR: Yes more serial killers with a new sense of killing and mayhem will return home. Some may have had unforseen mental problems before they left home for the war making a bad situation worst and those who are strong minded can still be horribly effected. As for the ones that elude and actually get away with this homicidal behavior, the graphic details of some murders commited during the war is as horrible as any book or movie and you wonder what kind of human being would do this to another? Six prior incidents have been filed but what about the ones who got away?

To be continued….

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