Ways to Burglar Proof Your Home

1. Keep Doors and Windows Lock

This may sound like common sense, however, many people leave their homes without locking doors and shutting windows. In most cases, these persons leave the home briefly, and don’t bother to secure the property. Because cat burglars are brazen, and typically case their properties, they know the homeowners routine and can pinpoint easy entrances. Although people regularly lock their doors, leaving the windows open is a common mistake. Even if you plan on returning home within 10 – 15 minutes, make sure the home is properly secure. It only takes a few minutes for an experienced burglar to come inside your home and steal your valuables.

2. Ask Neighbors to Watch the Home

If leaving town for a few days, ask a trusted neighbor to keep an open eye on your home. The neighbor could pick up your newspapers and other circulars left on the door. When robbers scout a neighborhood, they look for homes that appear empty. For example, if trash day was Friday, and the homeowners garbage bin remains beside the curb on Saturday, they are likely out-of-town. In a rush, many people forget small details such as mail, newspapers, deliveries, etc. Make standing arrangements with a neighbor, and agree to look after each other’s home.

3. Keep Bushes Low and Porch Lights On

The majority of thieves break into homes between the hours of 2 am and 4 am. They usually wear dark clothes and blend into the night. To protect your home, keep porch lights on throughout the night. If you have a side or back door, keep these areas well-lit. First floor windows offer easy access into the home. Keep bushes and shrubs trimmed, and windows visible. This way, if a burglar attempts to break into the home, neighbors and passerbies can spot them.

4. Install a Home Security System

There are plenty of affordable alarm systems available. If possible, get a monitored system. These systems link to the police and fire department. In the event of a break in or emergency, the police are automatically notified. Unfortunately, monitored systems are only available to homeowners. Individuals who live in apartments or rent homes can benefit from a non-monitored system. When the system is armed, these noise makers alert you to danger, and scare off intruders.

5. Don’t Hide Spare Keys on the Property

Thieves know where to find spare keys. If an extra key is kept in the mailbox or under a flowerpot, this increases your chance of a burglary.

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