What Kind of Racism Exists in the US?

Pressuring minorities into customizing their looks

Almost everyday on television if you flip through the channels you could probably find at least one show that involves women getting cosmetic surgery. These shows seem to bring a message that getting cosmetic surgery can improve looks and improve a person’s life. Even make over shows can be very persuadable in convincing their viewers that to succeed you need to look beautiful. Media and advertising in Western Society seem to have created an unachievable standard to what the perfect or what is considered “normal” look is for women in general. Therefore, it is no wonder that minority groups like Asian American women are probably more subjected to pressure in customizing their looks like getting eyelid surgery.
Even in today’s society there are many stereotypes, slanders, and jokes that can negatively affect the Asian American women’s perspective of her appearance. Commercialization and advertising in western society can be very misleading, and actually can influence minorities to believe that a person has to have a certain look to fit in. That is why either consciously or subconsciously Asian American women may get surgery on their facial features to look like women in advertisements they have seen or shows they have watched to try to achieve a ridiculous standard that western society has made.

Bombings in Laos

The responsibility of the unexploded ordinance that is occurring in Laos to this day is the responsibility of: the government who decided this action, politicians who supported it and help funded this action, the companies who created the bombs and bombies, the citizens who actually sent out and dropped the bombies. When people make a mess they usually should pick it up is a familiar saying that is used in the U.S. and should be followed with the situation in Laos. When thousands of innocent citizens from a country who didn’t want war or expected it die because of bombs dropped by another country should be able to at least be given reparations. However, money can’t replace those lives that were killed but can help with clearing the bombs in Laos so no more lives are lost. The amount that should be given should be at least $6 billion dollars or even more until all the cluster bombs in Laos are completely gone so the citizens of Laos can live safely. Yet, due to the fact the many U.S. citizens are not aware or because they are indifferent to the bombings they may believe that other recent political matters in the U.S. are more important. Not claiming responsibility of bombing another country that has killed many, and not willing to recognize it and having some memorial for that country is racism.

Affirmative action

The liberal politics of affirmative action include the existence of social inequality and how most minorities are put into the “so so” or “dangerous jobs”. The article “Looking for Spies of a different Color” discusses how the CIA are in favor of affirmative action because they are able to have agents from different back round that can fit into the different countries surroundings and would be more unnoticeable. In a way, affirmative action can be taken advantage of. Some individuals say that affirmative action is reverse discrimination. One example is, a minority might be preferred over a Caucasian individual.
On the other hand the article “Case Sparks Recruitment Debate over race”, states how in the past %40 percent of the officer corps were all white, but because of affirmative action programs helped change that to incorporate minority diversity. The article “Looking for Spies of a different Color” also support the fact that having minorities in the CIA help with operations that a Caucasian agent couldn’t do. Another aspect of affirmative action is the battle of the classes. The reason why there may be people against affirmative action may be that the upper classes don’t want the other classes competing with them. However, society has put minorities into poverty therefore affirmative action maybe a solution to the problem even if there is perverse treatment.

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