What a Shame, Nepal is Saluting Human Rights Abusers

In Nepal we have a strange tradition; we forgive any crime if the culprit is powerful. With power I mean, gun, money, name or social status. Our history is full of example where Kings, ministers have escaped justice, for example, the present Crown Prince Paras killed a musician in the streets of Kathmandu, but he is still the Crown Prince. The Infamous Mr Kamal Thapa, was declared wanted by the commission investigating human rights abuses during the democratic struggle in 1990, still he managed to remain a “respectable” person in Nepali politics and society. Mr Baburam Bhattari and Prachanda; what should I say about them? The self-proclaimed revolutionary duo with the help of their gun carrying militia and friends in high places, managed to kill 13,000 innocent people in last 10 years, destroyed millions worth of national property. And for all their achievement, the newly formed government, lead by Girija Koirala, has invited them to join the government. Yes, they are no longer terrorists.

What does this tradition of “forgive the powerful” means to Nepal? This means that we will never be able to live in society where life of a person is respected, where everyone is equal in real sense, where we have rule of law, where we have accountability. Tomorrow if I take up a gun, manage to bring thousands of unemployed and disillusioned youth with me and go on a killing and destruction rampage, I have a good chance of becoming a minister or president of this country. No one will ever ask any question, I will never have to answer to the family of the killed, never have to look at the kids who lost their childhood because of my “stupid” dream. I just need to invent some really brutal means of murder and keep on killing people. Then my friends, after 10 of some years, all of you will invite me to lead the nation.

This is scary. Not because I will be the next president, but because if the Maoists join the government, it would mean that in Nepal there is no rule of law. Please tell me, do you want to live in a country where there is no rule of law? Where someone can come and shoot you, your family, neighbor in broad day light and no questions will be asked? Your life has no value, my life has no value, anyone can be killed, and anyone can be beheaded. Do you want to raise your kids in this kind of environment? If not, then why are you standing in the line to salute the murders from the jungle? Why are you clapping for the gun carrying killers who killed your neighbor, abducted your kids or destroyed your hospital? Why?

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