What is Electrolysis? – is it Really Safe?

Many women have at one point in their lives considered electrolysis to remove unwanted hair. But the horror stories of it being too painful or too expensive, and not lasting long enough have deterred them from going through with the procedure. Here are some facts about electrolysis that may dispel all the myths people have heard about this procedure.

Electrolysis consists of inserting a hair like thin metal needle device into the hair follicle and expels a small amount of electrical energy. This procedure genetically eliminates the hair growth permanently. The number of electrolysis treatments may vary with each person. Many different factors such as the quantity of hair, hair growth cycles, structure of hair, and heredity determine the best result. A slight redness, white heads, and tiny scabs may occur after treatment, which disappears within a few hours. It is important to stay with the desired treatment program in order to achieve best results in the shortest time possible.

The advantages to electrolysis is no hair will appear on your body for many months. No concerning pain is involved in the treatment but some sensation is felt. Some patients are able to tolerate electrolysis without requiring pain relief. Some body parts may give more pain than others depending on sensitivity and the tolerance capabilities of the patient. However, the pain is an indication that the treatment is working, as intended activity is taking place.

There are alternatives to electrolysis such as laser treatment, which consists of temporary method for hair removal. A next alternative is waxing or threading which removes visible hair and is quite painful. This technique of hair removal can result in skin problems like ingrown hair. It is not a permanent hair removal solution; it needs to frequently be done.
The disadvantages to electrolysis are it can be expensive if used to remove a large area of your body and take up a good amount of time for areas with large amounts of hair. If it is not properly done it can result in partial or full hair growth, irreversible skin damage, and spread of infection. It is not recommended to use the at home battery operated equipments available in today’s market. It claims to be efficient and easy to use, however it can be very difficult and dangerous if not properly done.

If you are considering an electrologist, it is important to do as much research as you can. A wrong decision can mean extra sessions and cost unnecessary discomfort. The best way to calm your fears about the operation is to research the electrologist’s qualifications. Many states require the electrologist’s are licensed or certified within the state in order to practice. Ask family members or friends about any medical doctor. Ask the opinion of anyone you know who has undergone electrolysis. Many places will provide free consultation if you in doubt. Be sure all your questions are answered if you are still in doubt. Look around when you go for consultations. Make sure the hospital or clinic is clean. Make sure the workers look clean and if they use disposable gloves or probes. Ask to meet the person who will be performing the electrolysis. Personal comfort is essential to knowing you have made the right decision in choosing your electrologist.

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