Review of Maybelline Superstay Lipcolor

Superstay Lipcolor is new product by Maybelline. I have quite a selection of lipsticks and glosses, and I have even tried some that promise to be “all-day” lipsticks. This lipcolor beats all of them. Even better, it satisfies everything a girl looks for in a good lipcolor. It continues to look fresh, even after it has been on for hours. It is smudge-proof, not just resistant. And It feels silky once the top coat is applied.

As implied above, it comes in a two part design. The first part is the color. This is a bit sticky once it goes on, and the feeling is quite unpleasant. But once the top coat is applied, it is completely luxurious, and not sticky at all. The color coat should be left on for several minutes before the top coat is applied. If these simple steps are followed, it will last for hours.

I bought this because my sister recommended it. She told me that she had applied it one evening, went out for the night, and left her makeup on when she went to bed. She expected it to be gone the next morning, but it was still there. She showered, and the lipcolor was still noticeable. She decided not to retouch it before going to classes and work. After she got home, she exercised a bit.

It was after all of this that she noticed her lipcolor was still there. I thought she had to be exaggerating. I asked her if I could sample it on the back of my hand. Despite being on my hand, which gets washed much more frequently, it still stayed on very well. I decided to see how difficult it was to remove. I began rubbing my hand, and trying to wash the lipcolor off. After about two minutes of hard scrubbing, it finally came off my hand. I was definitely convinced.

I have never been happy with everything about a lipstick before. I may like that it is kiss-proof, but after an hour it looks awful. I may like the color, but it isn’t smudge-proof. I may like most things about it, but hate the trouble I have to go to in order to have the lipstick last. And with all of them, I hate leaving behind a kiss mark on glasses. None of this applies to the Maybelline Superstay Lipcolor. As long as you wait for a couple of minutes between the steps, it is very easy to apply. It lasts for a very long time, and it feels so wonderful on your lips. There are no trade-offs with this lipcolor.

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