Where to Find Fall Craft Ideas

There are many different websites for fall craft ideas. Whether you are looking for websites for you or for your children to have some fun, creative fall craft ideas can be found almost everywhere. I like free, so the websites I share with you won’t cost you any money. The craft ideas are neat and you can make them yourself or some with your children. Some of the free fall craft ideas will take little to no effort to make.

I say I don’t like Kaboose.com when it comes to some stuff but I liked a couple of their craft ideas. They had the fingerprint tree, which being the emotional mom that likes to keep things showing my child’s growth, thought this was a great idea. It is definitely messy but no more so than most kid activities that involve body painting. Kaboose also had napkin holder crafts that were adorable.

Makingfriends.com had great craft ideas. I had never heard of this website before. I will definitely be using it again. It has a little too much advertising though. You can find lots of fall crafts and they even have Halloween and Thanksgiving crafts. There were so many crafts to choose from so you just need to look at this site. If you need an idea they can supply them. If you have an idea of a craft but aren’t quite sure this site will probably have the answer.

I only suggest this site for their free fall crafts. They have an advertisement to be a member and if you choose to do so it will cost you. Enchanted Learning has free fall crafts at this link and some fall activities as well. This site didn’t have much but I thought it would be worth mentioning because of all the activities for the children.

As much as I love noggin.com they do not have fall craft ideas, besides coloring and activities. I was disappointed about this one. They have a lot of good children’s activities and learning games on their website though. Their website is Halloween themed now for all your ghosts and goblins to enjoy. The website is like the shows, so if your child likes noggin you should let them check this out.

Oriental trading had neat fall crafts but they were not free and I didn’t want to spend the money to look when there were so many other websites to choose from. Crafts should be free. Especially when the fall crafts weren’t like anything you could sell to make money on.

The links I provided are to the websites I thought were the best for free fall crafts. Hope you enjoy and find something you can use.

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