Why Not Purchase a Lakefront Home?

Ah, lakefront homes. What images come to mind when you think of a lakefront home? How about long summer days on the water, time spent skiing, swimming, vacationing, relaxing. Just the thought of it makes me think of cool breezes, the smell of trees and the smell of a fine BBQ. In my mind I can see the home itself. It is small, cozy, rustic, charming with simple furniture and an unassuming appearance on the outside.

Maybe you conjure up something totally different. How about a lakefront mansion built by a renowned architect that is lavishly furnished and has an indoor pool and plenty of outdoor activity areas to enjoy. This is a lakefront home with expensive taste and with large rooms for the whole family to enjoy.

Today however, chances are that neither of these images are accurate. To be sure there are both small cottages and large mansions built on the lakes but mostly the trend is toward a middle ground-large upscale lakefront home that you might mistake for a primary residence. Sometimes these lakefront homes are designed to be a primary residence, but more often they are meant to be vacation houses or summer homes.

The architects of these modern lakefront home are designing them with different kinds of needs in mind. They are being designed with the multi-generation family in mind. The older children want a spot to vacation with the grandchildren. Or have the ability to have summer getaway with multiple family members and friends at the same time. A lakefront home is a perfect place to celebrate family traditions and holidays like Christmas and Easter.

The desires of the modern family are to have plenty of space in their lakefront home. Something that the small cottages of the past were unable to provide. Lakefront property is a premium piece of real estate in most areas and commands greater price than the same size property elsewhere. With this in mind the typical property owner does not want to build a small cottage on an expensive piece of waterfront property. Doing so just doesn’t make economic sense.

Even if they can’t build as big a lakefront home as they might want to, homeowners are opting for the absolute best they can afford. The lakefront cottage of today is a far cry from the lakefront cabin of yesterday. In the old days, cottages were apt to be dark and cramped, with few modern appliances and amenities, and unfinished attics. Nowadays, waterfront properties are being built with all the conveniences of a primary residence and then some. Every room is finished and many are outfitted with bunk beds in order to accommodate visitors.

Nevertheless the smaller cottage-type homes being built on lakefronts today have some things in common with the larger lakefront homes and that is a casual interior. They have all the modern conveniences and amenities of today perfectly blended for the lakefront lifestyle. Most lakefront homeowners want to enjoy their homes and not spend a lot of time on upkeep so they are being designed for easy update. After all, the goal of owning waterfront property is to be able to enjoy the benefits of living on a lake, not to have to spend all your time cleaning and fixing up the house.

There has never been a better time to look into owning your own lakefront home. Now is an excellent time to start looking. You’ll be thrilled with all of the options you’ll find in the market of waterfront property.

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