Why You Need a Workout Partner

If you’re having trouble sticking to your exercise schedule, or just need to give your weekly workouts a boost, try matching yourself up with a workout partner. Finding a friend or relative to work out on a consistent basis can do wonders for your schedule, and keep you committed to your goals over the long run. Not only are you holding yourself accountable to making your workout an appointment, but you are sharing some quality time with someone close to you.

Working out on a regular basis is a habit, and not one that is cultivated easily. With the enormous amount of distractions and activities that fill our days, sometimes it’s hard to get the motivation you need to get to the gym, or just outdoors for a quick walk or run. If you can take the time to coordinate your schedule with a workout partner, you’ll be more likely to stick to a routine that you enjoy; and even look forward to! Here are some key benefits and rewards to matching up with a workout buddy:

1. Trying out new activities is much easier. You and your workout partner can be adventurous and try new excursions to liven things up. Been afraid to test out that indoor climbing wall? Fret not when you’ve got a friend who can bear the task with you!

2. Starting a new program isn’t so daunting.
Changes to any routine are often difficult. Having a companion to walk you through it and help develop your skills is a great way to boost your self-confidence.

3. Motivation is self-reinforcing.
Each time you complete an ‘appointment’ with your workout buddy, you’re getting one step closer to your goals of health and fitness. Motivation from another person can be the key to getting you through those blue and dreary days.

4. Timing is everything.
You and your workout buddy can share some quality time during the times that best fit your schedules. If your partner is someone from work, it becomes even easier to coordinate schedules. If not, there are still options to come up with comparative free times; you’ll need to be flexible at first, but it will come together!

5. Limited opportunity for excuses!
This is a big one that is tied to motivation. When you stick to your schedule, you are limiting your opportunity to make an excuse not to workout. Sometimes it’s just naturally easier to make excuses for yourself, than it is to do it frequently with another person.

6. Learn something new!
Maybe your workout partner has skills and hobbies that you are new to, and can learn from. Find out what their individual personality and activities interest you most, and pursue them together. This works well for quality bonding time as well.

7. Longer workouts?
That’s right, you’re more likely to extend a good time than shy away from one. When you’re working out and getting those endorphins going, chances are you’ll finish and even prolong the experience.

8. Maintaining good form.
Your workout partner can serve as a temporary ‘ personal trainer’ for any new activities. If you can’t quite manage the Bosu ball yet, or need some help with your strength training routine, your workout partner can guide you through the steps from a fresh perspective.

There are both physical and psychological benefits to getting and working out with a workout partner. You can both learn and stay committed in the long run, holding each other accountable and staying motivated! The keys to a successful workout program are just to stick with it. What better way than to make an excuse to spend quality time, than pursuing a health goal in the process? Find your most suitable workout partner this year, and meet your fitness goals for 2006 and beyond!

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