Why You Should Watch NBC’s Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

So, first of all, can I comment on how many great shows are premiering for the first time ever this fall? I can think of at least four or five that come to mind already: Heros, 6 Degrees, Men in Trees, Kidnapped and of course, my favorite, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. I think I’m just going to delve into talking about how great this show is. Shall we? I think we shall.

Even before the pilot aired (which was on Monday, September 18, 2006 at 10 p.m., by the way), there was a lot of hype surrounding this show. And the hype did not include any negatively – instead – people were talking about how great this show looked and that they couldn’t wait to watch it Monday night. The next time I saw the preview, I paid closer attention to the cast and if I could figure out what the show was going to be about.

I picked up on a few people I recognized immediately, Matther Perry, Amanda Peet and Bradley Whitford to name a few. Then, when I found out Aaron Sorkin was directing this show I thought, I think they’ve got something here. Personally, it seems to me that it’s been a long time since any show had the type of critical acclaim and discussion surrounding it. People would want to watch it just for the sheer curiousity of what the hell they’d be missing out on.

For all of you that missed the pilot, SHAME ON YOU! This show is absolutely incredible!! The music, the style, the filming, the acting, the writing, the comedy, the drama, EVERYTHING was amazing in this show! I can’t begin to describe the type of relationship that this show has with the comedy and drama amidst a very interesting plot. Not only that, I was amazed at how I was not annoyed with movie star, Amanda Peet. I usually detest any one of her movies and find her mildly annoying. That was probably the only hesitation I had about watching the show. But man, oh man, did she prove me wrong.

Peet plays Jordan McDeere, the president of a television channel, NBS. She has been newly appointed to this position when it happens – the executive producer, Wes Mendell (played by Judd Hirsch) of a sketch comedy show who has just had an on-air meltdown. The reason for this meltdown? Well, he just so happens to think that all the higher ups involved with the station and show have forgotten what it means to be “cutting edge politicial satire.” Bottom line, the funny ain’t so funny anymore Wes has decided to let the public, which includes the t.v. audience, know about it. Well, needless to say, Wes is fired. He doesn’t seem to upset about it because he stood up for what he believes and knows this show is down the drain anyway.

Enter Matt Albei and Danny Tripp who are played marvelously by Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford, respectively. This duo used to work on Studio 60 four years ago when they were fired, or as the show states, they quit. Jordan has a plan already up her sleeve. She decides to call on Matt and Danny to fill in Wes’ place and take over the show. They’ve got the cutting edge this show needs. I mean, Matt wins a damn Writer’s Guild Award while the catastrophy at Studio 60 is taking place.

Well, to make a long story short – Matt and Danny accept the position and that is how the show ends. Basically, the show needs to get its funny back and that’s what Matt and Danny are supposed to do. On an entirely separate note, thank God Matthew Perry got a role where he’s actually a lot funnier than Chandler on Friends. I’m glad his talents are actually being used.

So, what are some of the complications of Matt and Danny getting on board with the show? Well, Matt actually dated one of the actresses on the sketch show and they’re still bitter towards each other about it. His ex-girlfriend is Harriet Hayes, played by Sarah Paulson.

Already we the audience can tell that the friction between Matt and Harriet working together is going to pave the way for much drama and comedy and who can turn their head from that?! Danny has his own problems as he’s recently failed a drug test that came back positive for cocaine. Obviously, that’s not good. There are so many ways for the writing of his character to go so we’ll just wait on that one.

I would love to go into details about the show and what exactly happens but I guess that make me a spoiler and that’s not what I want because I want everyone to see it!! The show does air again on Bravo on Wednesday nights if you happen to miss it on Monday. So, check your local listings for the exact time in your area.

But I urge you to watch on it’s regularly alloted time slot which is Monday nights at 10 p.m. on NBC. Also, if you visit the NBC website (I’ve listed the link below), you can watch the entire pilot! Yay! Make this show one of your favorites! It’s definitely one I’m going to get hooked on and I’m not ashamed to say so.

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