Wrinkles: Prevention and Treatment

We fear many things. We fear gaining weight. We fear for our health. We fear that we won’t make enough money. We also fear we will get wrinkles.

Wrinkles? What a strange word that is. Do you know its dictionary meaning? My dictionary says: a slight depression in the smoothness of a surface. Hmmm, doesn’t sound that bad. Now for a few synonyms: crinkles, creases, lines. Sounds better than crows-feet.

Scientists describes wrinkles as something that happens as we age. Our skin becomes thinner and dryer. Slowly, our skin begins to sag and yes wrinkle.

Wrinkles have two categories: fine, surface lines and deep furrows. As one might guess, fine, surface lines are easier to treat. The deep furrows usually can not be treated with anything but surgery.

How can you treat those fine lines? There are many products out there that claim they can stop those wrinkles. Stop may be a strong word to use, though. But many of the creams that is being called fillers do help hide them. By fillers, it simply means that the creams will fill up the line. When applying these you should pat the cream into the line, not rub. The moisturizers within these creams do also seem to help slowly fade some the fine lines. This is why they say may lessen the appearance of fine lines. But you must continue using the creams or the lines will return.

Then there is the popular Botox treatment. This involves an injection that will paralyze the muscles that produce lines. Botox treatments are usually given in the forehead or around the lines. The results will last for several months and then you will have to get another treatment. Remember if you decide to go this route, make sure the person who is giving you the injection is a licensed physician. There has been many cases where untrained people gave these injections and the injections was not the true Botox. This has led to some really bad results.

There are some things you can do help reduce wrinkles. The main thing we can do to is avoid the sun as much as we can. We should also wear sunscreen daily. Luckily, many cosmetics have sunscreen built within them, so that makes it handier for us. Yet, remember when your arms and neck are exposed to sun, they need to be protected, too. Another thing is that we should not do is smoke. Cigarette smoke can keep our skin from renewing itself and cause premature aging, thus wrinkles.

You should also watch how much alcohol you drink. Alcohol can cause dehydration which can lead to dry skin. Speaking of dehydration, don’t forget to drink your eight glasses of water a day.

Vitamins can also help in reducing wrinkles, especially Vitamin E. Vitamin E is a free radical fighting antioxidant. Vitamin E can also help the skin repair damage caused by the sun by applying Vitamin E oil directly onto the problem area. You can get this essential Vitamin E in supplement form or in foods like: nuts, seeds, whole grains and leafy greens. Another bonus is that researchers believe Vitamin E is good for our hearts and can help us have more energy.

Yet, when one starts thinking about wrinkles, one should also stop and think about what the wrinkles signifies. It signifies that you lived. They can be seen as a reminder of happy times, when we are happy we smile, thus the lines around our mouth and those lines around our eyes can be contributed to the laughter in our life. I know this won’t stop us from wanting to look younger and from doing what we can to stop the aging process. But maybe it will stop you from taking drastic, dangerous steps.

Remember beauty is really not what we see in and of ourselves, it is what others see. When you first meet a person the first ten seconds is all about the looks, the rest of the time our outlook, our personality and our brains will take center place.

Act beautiful and you are beautiful.

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