XM or Sirius Radio: How to Choose Between the Two

I was thinking about getting satellite radio and was stuck on which provider to go with XM or Sirius. Not knowing much about either company or their product I did some research and thought I would share what I found with others who want to know which the better bargain is.

Satellite radio is the newest way to get music, sports, and entertainment programming without all the bothersome commercials that we all hate and in the past forced us to seek to a different channel. Now with satellite radio we not only don’t have commercials but can listen to our favorite songs un-edited. Satellite radio also segregates all types of music to specific channels which make finding something to listen to easier.

So let’s talk about the two service providers of satellite radio. First the price of both services which will normally be the top deciding factor. XM users should expect to pay 12.95 a month to get the basic 150 channels, and if you want to include the coveted playboy channel then an additional 2.99 is going to be tacked on to your monthly bill. XM also has a onetime activation fee they charge you $14.99 by phone, but if you know how to use the internet the information super highway is going to save you $5 making the registration online cost $9.99.

Sirius has an almost identical pricing plan, for $12.95 you get 120 channels and the activation fee is the same and they even offer the $5 off if you register with them online. Sirius also offers service to up to 3 additional receivers for only $6.99 a month per receiver.

So we know the prices but we still don’t know which service is better. XM has the obvious advantage of 30 more channels and optional playboy channel. But don’t count out Sirius yet. Even though they offer 30 less channels they standout by having more sports coverage than their counterpart. If you want the most channels XM has the upper hand with 150 channels and the option to have the playboy channel, but if you’re into sports then Sirius would better fit your needs. This could be harder to decide then if the chicken or the egg came first.

Here is more information I found that I believe will be beneficial to your decision. XM radio boasts that no matter where in the continental US you are you will have service, they do state that terrain could temporarily disrupt your radio signal. Sirius also will provide coverage to the continental US but don’t have as much coverage as XM.

If you are in one of our neighboring countries I am sorry to tell you that you can not yet have either service. Both XM and Sirius are working with Canada to provide their service but have not yet been successful.

So these are the basic facts about the two Satellite Radio stations, you have seen price, quality, and coverage. Both have obvious advantages and disadvantages I think what it boils down to is which product has the most of what you want. I you want sports I would suggest Sirius radio they are directed towards what you want. If you want the most channels then go with XM they will suit your needs.

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