Pull the cloak over my eyes again

I’m sick to death of light

I don’t believe them talking about you

I don’t believe you talking about you

I don’t believe myself talking about you

And I just want the damn secret back

I don’t want to know.

I want autumn leaves in red and orange

And brown

And snow that blocks my driveway in the morning

I want to yell at the snow for ruining my day

Not you

I don’t want to yell at you

I want my pulse to rush when you call

Not boil

I want to imagine a smile

Not a tear

Not a single fucking tear

Remember talking about mountains



Do you?

I do

But all your words are empty

You don’t want to live in the mountains

You want to own the mountains

And when nobody is looking, destroy them

Blame it on the weather or the wildlife

Those damn birds

Not your fault. I understand.

You think you have baggage?

I have a truckload

But I never asked you to drive it

Would you like to?


Hm. Funny.

Pull the cloak over my eyes again

I still want you.


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