A.B.C. Cinema London

ABC Cinema is located on Marylebone Road and is one of the central locations for cinema lovers in the British Capital. ABC cinema has great facilities including comfortable seating, multiple screens and concession stands for customers to enjoy movie nights with friends and family. The helpful staff keeps the cinemas clean and ready after each movie viewing, so customers can expect a great experience. ABC Cinema usually shows latest Hollywood releases including romance, drama and action flicks. The venue does also show other genres including local movies and some popular foreign films. Its location also allows guests to grab dinner right after a show or head out to one of the many bars and clubs in the area to have a good time.


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    A.B.C cinema has been showcasing different movies for quite some years. During this period it entertained several Londoners who came to spend leisured time. In addition to this, visitors also get to see numerous attractions in its close proximity. Some of the most famous of those attractions are Madame Tussauds and The Sherlock Holmes Museum that people can visit after viewing movies and dramas to enjoy with their family and friends.

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    Things to do at A B C Cinema:

    The highlights of A.B.C Cinema include facilities of sitting room along with a cafeteria from where people can buy food before or during a movie.

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    In order to find any information regarding movies, you can contact ABC Cinema on the number listed below:

    Contact: +44 20 7224 0312

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    Operational Hours:

    Operational hours of the cinema depend on the movie times. If you're looking for the updated timings, make sure you give them a call on the above mentioned number before visiting to avoid any inconvenience.

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    Marylebone Road, London, NW1 5LS, United Kingdom.

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    How to reach A B C Cinema:

    By Tube:

    Baker Street is one of the nearest tube stations to A.B.C Cinema and by walk 230 ft are required to cover this distance within 50 seconds. When you exit from the tube station move in eeast direction on Marylebone Road towards Allsop Place and you will find A.B.C Cinema in front of you. Directions from Baker Street tube station to A.B.C Cinema.

    By Bus:

    Marylebone, Baker Street (E-bound) is one of the closest bus stop to A.B.C Cinema and 246 ft are required to cover this distance within 59 seconds. On leaving the bus stop move in the east direction on Marylebone Road towards Allsop Place then turn left on Allsop Place. Later on take a left turn on Marylebone Road and you will find A.B.C Cinema on your right side. Directions from Marylebone, Baker Street (E-bound) to A.B.C Cinema.

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