Ways to Access Hidden Regional Themes in Windows 7

Windows 7 being the most popular operating system has many functions hidden in it, but with a little search you can experience all its functions and tasks.

One of its specifications includes the location specific aero themes, which are viewed during the process of installing Windows 7. Those themes are selected according to the location you have chosen among the given options and the specific language. While selecting your options and setting the required time, automatically your windows are assigned with a default theme, but that theme can be changed by following few simple steps.

I will provide you with a detail procedure by which you could enjoy selective themes related to different region or location.


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    There are two formats which can help you out in choosing your favourite themes.

    For the first method which is quite simple, you only have to download the ‘registry script’ from this link and its zip file will be found in the ‘Downloads’ folder.

  • 2

    You have to install the file in your operating system, by following simple instruction. Once the folder has been unzipped open it and enjoy the additional regional themes. There is another folder which you can use to uninstall the script and remove the additional regional themes from your system.

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    For the second procedure you have to open the folder of ‘My Computer’ and type ‘%windir%\Globalization\MCT’ without speech marks in the address bar.
    MCT is the folder name where all themes are present and they are stored under %windir%\Globalization.

  • 4

    After typing the given text press ‘Enter’ and wait until a new window opens. The folder is saved in C Drive which is why My Computer’s address bar was required.

  • 5

    The new window will show you five folders, which will show you themes related to:

    - MCT-AU Australia
    - MCT-CA Canada
    - MCT-GB Great Britain
    - MCT-US United States of America
    - MCT-ZA South Africa

  • 6

    In each folder a file by the name of theme will be present, but when you will open the file another folder is present in it with the title of .theme. If we double click the .theme folder the specific theme will be pasted in your operating system automatically.

    You can use any appropriate method, mentioned above which you find is easy or convenient and enjoy themes related to different regions.

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