How to Burn a Cd From a Cassette

With technology evolving every day, the music cassettes are becoming literally obsolete at the present. CD’s and DVD’s have taken the place of cassettes for music and video watching purposes. A CD may contain hundreds of songs at one place whilst a cassette has a limited amount of storing data within it. What if you have got some unique vintage song collection in form of cassettes and you want to play them on your CD player? You can simply burn a CD from those cassettes and keep enjoying your favourite music.


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    Most of the computers having a ‘Line In’ audio jack can be used for this purpose by connecting it to a tape deck for recording audio cassette being played within it. Once the music is on the hard disk of your computer, you know it can easily be written on a CD. All you need is a stereo cable, an audio Y-adapter, recording software and CD burner.

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    Take the stereo cable and plug its red and white ends into the ‘Line Out’ jacks on the tape deck. The other end of this cable is to be plugged into the pair of jacks on the audio Y-adapter.

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    Next, attach the mini-plug into the ‘Line In’ audio jack present at the back of your computer.

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    Once these connections are made, turn on both the tape and your computer for proceeding further. You can forward and rewind the tape to choose the starting point of recording.

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    Then open up the audio recording software in your computer. Garage Band is one of the most common recording software for apple computers and you can download it online.

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    You have to adjust the sound level on the tape deck, as well as on the computer, for recording good quality songs. If you keep the volume too low, the recording might not be audible at all and unnecessarily high volume will result in distorted sound.

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    Play the song on tape and immediately click the ‘Record’ button on the software to begin the process. Press ‘Stop’ when you are finished.

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    Store the audio recording onto the hard disk of your computer. Click ‘File’ and then choose the ‘Save As’ option to save the music file.

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    Insert a new, empty CD into the media tray of your computer and open up the CD burner software.

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    Click on ‘Burn’ button and then ‘Import’ files from your hard disk you want to write on the CD. Click the ‘Burn’ button again to begin the process and your audio music from the cassette will be transferred onto a CD.

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