Al Mamzar Beach Dubai Overview

Dubai has changed dramatically over the years, transforming from an oasis into a city which stands testament to human progress and achievement. If you are in Dubai, there are tons of options for you to visit and see, including shopping malls, great restaurants, street markets, luxury stores and best of them all – silvery beaches!

Al Mamzar park covers a massive area of over 106 hectares, it has almost every single activity that you would need for couples, families and kids. It if fully equipped many children’s play areas, a scenic train ride, a beautiful lagoon, a beautiful sheltered beach, many food kiosks, food stalls, a swimming pool, private chalets, several barbecue sites, and many grassy picnic sites. If you are looking for a beach to visit with your whole family, keep reading about Al Mamzar.


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    Al Mamzar beach park is located approximately 5 km after the turn off to Hamriva port. It has a vast open space and its unique location places it on the golden sand beach.

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    The Park Beaches:

    One of the most unique features of Al Mamzar beach is the recreational characteristics of being a beach park. It has five outstretched beaches available with several on duty lifeguards, changing rooms, shaded areas for beach users and the beach areas can be accessed through many different entrances.

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    The swimming pools:

    There is a very large swimming pool divided into 3 pools for children, and adults. It has plenty of seating, shade, changing rooms, showers, snack shops and many professional life guards.

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    Barbecue Areas:

    There are 28 areas of furnished and up to date barbecue areas, fully equipped with technology sets, grills, umbrellas, seats, and several benches facing beaches with different picnic regions distributed in parts of the park.

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    The park:

    Al mamzar park has some of the most distinguished services of any beach park in Dubai, with modern air conditioned bungalows, barbecue areas and showers. There are 15 bungalows in total that are situated in the beach 4 area and can be rented from the park's administration.

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    The park is full of many activities for people of every age - from a train ride around the park, children's games, roller skating, football and basketball, bicycle rentals, chalets, beaches, barbecue areas, restaurants and snackshops to ladies areas. It also has an amphitheater and tower area equipped to host all kinds of events, musical concerts, ceremonies, and is located directly next to the administration building. The eight meter high tower lies in the park center and visitors can get a beautiful view of the entire park and its features and from the lookout on top of the tower.

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    Children games areas:

    There are so many things for kids to do in Al Mamzar park, including moodier sledges, climbing and hanging walls. There are also athletic training areas surrounded by palm trees and bungalows.

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    like any beautiful park, Al Mamzar beach park would not be complete without lush greenery. It contains many different kinds of trees, flowers and wall plants. It has also been designed with 1600 palm trees, 300 coconuts trees and 6000 different kinds of trees and bushes with 55000 square meters of green lawns and grassy areas.

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    Snack shops and parking:

    Three main entrance are available in Al Mamzar park, one for cars, and two for public forms of access. It also has an external parking area which can accommodate over 1200 cars and one internal parking area that can house over 450 cars. There is a main restaurant available in the park, and all throughout the park there are roughly a dozen snack shops that sell everything from junk food and ice cream to all kinds of refreshments and drinks. You can easily find all the recreational areas with the help of guiding panels and signs that are all over the area, showing and guiding you through the entire park.

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    The park has so many things to do you would be surprised at how cheap and inexpensive it is for your family to enjoy the entire day out there.

    - Car entrance 30 AED and 5 AED per person
    - Large chalet 200 AED, small chalet 150 AED
    - Pool 10 AED for adults and 5 AED for children

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    Contact Information:

    Visiting times are all week long but keep in mind that on Wednesday it is ladies day and men are now allowed to enter.

    Phone number: +971 4 296 6201
    Cottage phone number: +971 4 296 7454

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    Some very cool 360 panoramic pictures of Al Mamzar beach park in Dubai so you can get a glimpse of the park and all it has to offer prior to going there. Visit Website

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