Alcohol Free Mint Julep Recipe

If you have the fortune to drink mint julep before, then first question will come to your mind that is it possible to make an alcohol-free mint julep and will it taste as good as the traditional drink.

Well, the honest answer is that it does not match the taste of alcoholic version but still it is a satisfying drink especially for the non-drinkers out there. They do not need to drink simple cola, juice or mineral water as they can please themselves with non-alcoholic version of classic mint julep.

Some people refer this traditional drink as a “cocktail” whereas the other school of thought count this in family of drinks called “smashes” as mint leaves and other ingredients are muddled during its preparation. This crushing exercise produces natural oil which ultimately enhances the true flavours of this drink.

This drink comprises essence of mint leaf, sugar, water and lemonade so it is perfect for summers.

Preparation Time: 15 minutes

Cooking Time: 10 minutes

Ready in: approximately 1 ½ hour

Things Required:

Measuring cups, serving glasses, serving platter, saucepan, cooking stove

Calories: 110
Fat: 0 g
Cholesterol: 0 mg


– ¼ cup water

– ¼ cup white sugar

– 2 cup crushed ice

– ½ cup lemonade (prepared)

– 1 tablespoon chopped fresh mint leaves

– Fresh mint sprigs (for garnishing)

This recipe serves two persons. Now let’s have a look on the making process.


  • 1

    First of all put sugar, chopped mint and water in a saucepan and keep it mixing while cooking. Cook until sugar gets liquefied and becomes a smooth mixture.

  • 2

    Remove the saucepan from gas burner and take out mint leaves as it gets cool after one hour.

  • 3

    Pour ½ cup of lemonade with crushed ice in serving glasses and then add your sugar syrup.

  • 4

    Garnish each glass with fresh mint sprig and serve on platter with straws.

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