Angels Bakery Shop London

Angels Bakery Shop at Plumstead High Street in Greater London is a venue that offers fresh hard dough bread, agege bread, patties, meat pies and much more. This bakery shop has been serving the locals for quite a few years now and maintains a decent base of customers. These customers not only belong to the surroundings of this fine bakery, infact it also include people, who work around it. This is one of the favourite spots for the local residents because they get fresh foodstuff from this bakery at quite reasonable prices. Therefore, in spite of operating from a tiny place Angels Bakery Shop has been able to give a tough time to its competitors operating around it.

Contact: +44 20 8855 7377


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    Products & Services of Angels Bakery Shop:

    - Hard Dough Bread
    - Agege Bread
    - Patties
    - Meat Pies

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    Angels Bakery Shop Operational Hours

    This bakery shop remain close on Sundays, while in the rest of days from Monday to Saturday operational hours starts at 9:00am and come to end around 9:00pm.

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    Angels Bakery Shop Location

    140 Plumstead High Street, Plumstead London, SE18 1JQ, United Kingdom

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    How to get to Angels Bakery Shop

    Tube Station services are not available from where customers can reach Angels Bakery Shop. This is why using a bus is the best available option.

    By Bus

    The name of the nearest bus stop to Angels Bakery Shop is Bannockburn Road (Stop WJ). This bus stop is about 200 ft away from Angels Bakery Shop and by walk bus users can cover this gap in roughly 44 seconds. All they need to do is to head west on Plumstead High Street/A206 towards Barth Road from Bannockburn Road (Stop WJ) and soon they will find this bakery shop on the left. See the walking directions to Angels Bakery Shop from Bannockburn Road (Stop WJ) in order to know the exact details.

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