Appeal Letter for Donation

Many a times people avoid giving donations not because they do not want do donate but the reason is that they are not sure where exactly will their donated money end up. So, when writing an appeal for donation you have to emphasise and focus on the reason you are asking the donation for. The donation required does not necessarily have to be in the form of cash, it can come through in the form of product, services or even volunteer hours.

You will not need to experiment much with the way a donation appeal is written, keeping it simple and to the point will just work out fine.

The tone of the letter should be formal and there should be no unnecessary details in the body of the letter, keep in as concise as possible. Encourage the reader to donate by stating how will the contribution matter and will be used. Besides being formal, add a personal touch to the letter which would show that you are not just fulfilling a formality by asking but are actually interested in the well fare that will be the outcome of the donation.

Sum up the letter in three straight forward paragraphs, introduce yourself and the organisation in the first one, state the required in the second paragraph and last but not the least, thank the reader for taking out time for reading the letter.

Firstly, introduce yourself and the company, mentioning clearly the cause that you serve. Further on, not taking much time, inform them about the nature of help that you require. Try to attach the cost that has to be incurred so as to make the procedure quicker.


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    Sample of the Appeal for Donation

    Steve Martin
    Protecting Image Corporation
    Shiny Boulevard, West Street 63354

    May 22, 2010

    Mickey Maga
    Public Relations Director
    9th Avenue, Crossing Bridges
    South End

    Dear Maga,

    I work for the donation wing of the Protecting Image Corporation and need your monetary assistance in our upcoming project extension. As you are aware of the charity school that we opened a year back, we need you to donate generously for the winter uniform of the first to eight grade students.

    For keeping things simple and the least bit time consuming, I have attached the cost that will need to be incurred.

    We are open for suggestions and are waiting for your response.

    Thanking you in advance,

    Steve Martin

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    Template of the Appeal for Donation

    Your Name
    Company’s Name
    Company’s Address


    Receiver’s Name
    Receiver’s Designation
    Company’s Name & Address

    Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name,

    I am writing this in to request you for donating for the noble cause of distributing free books for the deprived children. Your help will mean a lot to us and will help out project take a further step.

    Please find the financials of the donation enclosed.

    Thanks and regards,

    [Your Name]

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