Meeting Cancellation Letter

Meetings are one of those important commitments that must be fulfilled on the said date and time. But at some point in life we need to put off our meetings and commitments on some other day. A meeting cancellation letter is then written and issued to all the participants of the meeting so that no one is left uninformed.

Therefore the meeting cancellation letter should be written with caution not to miss anything. The main body of the meeting cancellation letter must contain the reason for cancellation, the place where the meeting was scheduled, the date and time of the meeting.  While writing such type of letters try to be precise and clear in your expression. The opening sentence of the letter therefore must directly convey the reader that the meeting has been cancelled. But while writing the main body of this letter, try to be soft in your tone. Close the letter with an apology and a word of commitment for arranging the meeting in future. 

If you don’t know how to write a meeting cancellation letter, scroll down and learn with the help of our template and sample.

Tips to write Meeting Cancellation Letter

  • Be concise
  • Maintain a formal and professional tone
  • Be mindful of grammar and spelling mistakes


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    Sample Meeting Cancellation Letter:

    Anne David
    Information Technology Manager
    Office # 4, 1st floor
    169 Tower Bridge Road London
    SE1 3LF
    United Kingdom


    Joe Brooklyn
    Project Manager
    AX Solutions, London
    United Kingdom

    Dear Mr. Brooklyn,
    It is to inform you that I am leaving for the US because of some family matters and therefore the meeting that was scheduled with you on 18-01-2013 at 7 p.m has been cancelled.

    I look forward for arranging a new meeting with you. Therefore it is requested to kindly inform me about your schedule for the next meeting in the coming week so that we can arrange it as soon as possible.
    I extremely regret for any inconvenience.
    Please send me an acknowledgement upon the receipt of this cancellation letter.


    Signatures of Anne David
    Anne David

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    Template Meeting Cancellation Letter:

    [Your Name]
    [Your Designation]
    [Your Address]

    Date: __/__/____

    [Recipient Name]
    [Recipient Designation]
    [Recipient Address]

    Dear [Recipient Name],
    This letter is written in order to tell you that the meeting that was due on [day/date] at [time __:___]  in the [place] has been cancelled due to unavoidable reasons. However the new meeting will be arranged soon so kindly inform me about your availability in the next week.
    Please send me an acknowledgement upon receipt of this cancellation letter.

    Any inconvenience is highly regretted.

    [Your Signature]
    [Your Name]

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