How to Convey Passion in a Cover Letter

The main aim of writing a cover letter is to impress and get the attention of a potential future employer. Companies receive thousands of cover letters attached to resumes. However, it should be clear to you that companies will not really give a second look to a cover letter that is basically the same as everybody else’s. So, your cover letter should be unique in its own way and tailored in a way that will inadvertently attract the attention of the employer.


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    Companies will definitely give serious look to cover letters that are impressive in a way that the applicant has summed up his passion for the designated vacancy in a professional manner. Your own ambitions and your passion for the job in the cover letter, if shared by the employer, will go a long way in putting you into a position where you will stand a better chance of getting the job. And, if you are a good writer, you should not have a lot of problems in communicating your passion via electronic email as long as you know how to play with your words.

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    In order to write an attractive cover letter that aptly explains your passion, your objective and your ambitions, you don’t necessarily have to write a work of art in any sense. Saying things like “I am very passionate about the company or I’m motivated to help my future colleagues meet their goals” will not sound that convincing as it is something that almost everyone will write.

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    Your passion should be about you and you alone. You are different from the rest of the people who have applied for that position so your whole focus should be on your personal passion, something that the employer will be really interested in for sure.

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    You can link your passion with the vacancy. For instance, there must be something about your passion that can perfectly relate to the job description. That relevance might be something the employer might not have been able to come across or discover on his own so it is bound to make him read your cover letter again.

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    One of the best ways to effectively communicate your passion is by doing it through practically applicable ideas and concepts.

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    Take a long hard look at the job that you are applying for. You should ask yourself as to why you want this job. There’s no point in telling the employer about the basic reasons why you want this job. Once again, it is important that you think out of the box rather than thinking in a conventional manner as it is something everyone does.

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    You have to convey to the employers that there is a difference between you and hundreds of other people who have applied for this job and if your cover letter proves it, you might be in line to get a new job.

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