Apple Vs Motorola Case Dismissed By U.S. Judge

In a ruling made by a U.S. Federal judge on Friday, Apple cannot pursue an injunction against Motorola Mobility anymore, and finally thrown out Apple and Motorola’s patent case once for all.

The decision came from Judge Richard Posner in Chicago federal court. The judge dismissed all the proceedings between the two companies with prejudice, meaning it can’t be refilled.

Apple wasn’t expecting this decision as it was hoping a decisive ruling against Motorola, which would help it in grabbing the Smartphone market.

“Apple is complaining that Motorola’s phones as a whole ripped off the iPhone as a whole,” Posner wrote. “But Motorola’s desire to sell products that compete with the iPhone is a separate harm — and a perfectly legal one — from any harm caused by patent infringement.”

Apple representative, Kristin Huguet did not comment on the court’s decision. However, representative from Motorola pleased the court’s decision.

Both the companies have an opportunity to appeal Posner’s ruling.

Motorola filed a lawsuit against Apple in October 2010, which was a reaction as pre-emptive move against an imminent Apple lawsuit. On the other hand, Apple sued Motorola for its own claims in the same month.

Posner gave a series of pre-trial rulings that removed almost all of Motorola’s patent claims against Apple from the prospective trial, while upholding more of Apple’s claims against Motorola. So, it seems like Apple had more to gain in the trial, which was started last week.

But, the Federal judge disregarded the trial earlier this month.

According to the judge, Apple had not clearly established that Motorola phones caused a loss of customer goodwill in a way to damage Company’s reputation.

“To suggest that it has suffered loss of market share, brand recognition, or customer goodwill as a result of Motorola’s alleged infringement of the patent claims still in play in this case is wild conjecture,” Posner wrote.

At the beginning of this year, Apple won a patent dispute against Motorola Mobility in a case of “slide-to-unlock” feature on Smartphones.

On the other hand, Motorola Mobility as it’s almost acquired by Google, and most of its handsets operate on Google’s operating system, Android.

The Android system is believed to Apple’s major competitor in the Smartphone market.

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