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Gone are the days when employees had to write applications out on a piece of paper and hand these over to their bosses. In most companies these days, workers communicate with each other and the high-ups through email. Any kind of application can be sent through email, and chances are high that you will get a quick response.

The language used in an application email to your boss must be extremely professional, and utterly devoid of any spelling or grammar mistakes. The subject of the email should also be appropriate, and slang must be avoided at all costs.

The opening paragraph of the email should state the reason why you are sending the application, and you should come to the point straightaway without lingering on with the introduction.

Give all the necessary details regarding your application in the body of the email; however, it is highly recommended that you stay focused in your writing, and keep the email brief and to the point.

In the concluding paragraph, you should politely request your boss to approve the application, and mention that you intend to work with more dedication in the future.


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    Sample of Application Email to Boss

    Subject: Leave Application

    Dear Richard,

    My wife is pregnant and we are expecting the delivery somewhere in the middle of next month. Apart from me, there is no one who can take care of her. Therefore, I will be requiring leaves from June 8, 2013 to June 25, 2013.

    All the required information and the medical certificates of my wife have been provided to the human resource department.

    I have been a reliable employee for Richard Inc since the past three years, and I have hardly ever come to work late, or taken a leave without informing the management beforehand.

    I hope that my leave application will be accepted as I have a genuine reason.


    Alec Stewart
    Public Relations Officers
    Tel: 343-991-0707

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    Template of Application Email to Boss

    To: [email address of your boss]
    Subject: [as per the application]

    Dear [name of your boss or sir]

    As I have informed the management recently, my family has moved from New York to Massachusetts. It is becoming increasingly difficult for me to live without my family. I thereby request the management to transfer me to our company’s branch in Massachusetts.

    Any required documents or certificates will be provided to the human resource department if/when needed.

    I have been exceeding my monthly targets regularly since the last six months, and I hope that you will accommodate me because I have a genuine reason.


    [Your name]
    [Your designation]
    [Phone no]

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