Beaches in Ottawa Overview

Although many may think it seems odd to make connections between Ottawa and beaches, the city does in fact have 4 official beaches that are monitored and maintained by the city. Ottawa’s beaches are also near bike trails and wooded areas that are home to many of the area’s native species, in particular birds making them popular areas for bird watching as well. The following step by step list provides information on all the beaches in the Ottawa area. As the city maintains these areas, they are often tested for water quality and at times closed too, so do check water parks in Ottawa as well for an alternate.


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    Britannia Beach

    Located a 12 km bike trail from Parliament Hill, Britannia Beach has been a summer hotspot in Ottawa for many years. The area also has a yacht club, providing swimmers and people on picnics beautiful boats to watch as they enjoy the weather. This beach is an excellent place for the whole family to enjoy on the weekend. You will like the cleanliness of the beach and the facilities are in good shape as well. All parking is free.

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    Mooney's Bay

    Also connected to the downtown area via bike path, this man-made bay came into existence when an area dam was being created as part of the Rideau Canal. The beach and park area are popular with locals and home of the HOPE beach volleyball tournament and annual Dragon Boat race. This beach is a good place if you enjoy bike riding as you can take the path directly to downtown and enjoy a wonderful day out with friends and family.

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    Petrie Island

    Petrie Island, located in the Ottawa River is a truly unique and beautiful place in Ottawa. The area is home to over 130 species of bird as well as rare turtle breeds. With paddle boats as well as hiking trails, there is no shortage of things to do near in this park. This is a good place for the bird watchers in your family. There are plenty of different species of birds to enjoy and this is a great place to take bird pictures as well.

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    Westboro Beach

    Westboro Beach offers canoe and kayak rentals as well as a c0uple of well received and popular restaurants. The area provides biking and hiking trails, making it good fun for everyone in the family. If you enjoy kayaking then Westboro Beach is definitely the place for you. Spend countless hours drifting in a canoe or kayak as you let all the tensions of the world melt away as you relax.

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