Becontree Tube Station London

Becontree underground station was opened in 1932 and is working on the District Line, London underground network. This station has a very interesting history from its inception, as so many impressive and unbelievable stories are associated with this rapid transit. The station has experienced developments in the interval between 1921 and 1932, when a large number of refurbishment projects were successfully completed during this time duration. Currently, the area of Becontree is considered as a residential area and its underground station is serving the population residing nearby. A lot of facilities are available around this tube station, however options may be less in numbers. Whereas, direct entrance to its ticket hall is possible through Gale Street, which also provides an exit pathway.


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    Restaurants & Coffee Shops are available in greater numbers serving all kinds of food stuff and beverages to the residents and visitors of this area. It ranges from top class world renowned restaurants and coffee shops to reasonably cheaper locations.

    Becontree Tandoori
    Pizza Hut
    Balti Cottage

    Coffee Shops
    Sanlin Chez
    Roy's Pie and Mash
    The Snack Bar
    Cafe' Xtra's
    The Patio Cafe
    Mr. Dooley's
    The Co-op

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    Clubs & Bars are located at a walking distance of just few minutes from this underground station. All kind of night clubs, pubs and bars can be visited near to this rapid transit.

    The Ship & Shovel
    Lord Denman
    Royal Fish Bar
    Flex Nightclub
    Xclusiv Nite

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    Hotels & Accommodations can be considered worrisome to sort out in the proximity of this tube station. Only few options are available in just a mile's radius. However, if you move a bit away than there are some other choices available as well.

    Ayia Napa Cyprus Apartments
    Holiday Apartment

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    Sights and Attractions in the form of lush green parks are located just few minutes away from this under ground station in London, where commuters can enjoy the leisure time with friends and families.

    Parsloes Park
    Mayesbrook Park
    Goresbrook Park

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    Schools & Colleges only a few educational institutes are sited in one mile vicinity of this tube station. However, more options can be availed if you move out of this area.

    Tuition Centre
    Adult College Of Barking & Dagenham
    ABC Pre School

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    Gift & Bookshops are welcoming the visitors of this area to buy something special for their loved ones. All kinds of books and luxury items can be found in the nearest destinations of this London underground.

    Gadget Shop 4 All
    Photo Slide DVD
    GIK Bespoke Gifts and Favours

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    Health & Beauty Services are provided by a huge number of beauty and fitness centres that are located in the area surrounding Becontree station. Different kinds of salons, health care and fitness centers are serving the local community.

    TBF Women Only Gym
    Boots Pharmacy
    Peak Fitness
    Beauty By Maria
    SimmyLo' makeup
    Beauty By Emma
    American Professional Nails

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    Emergency Services there isn't any police or fire station available in the suburbs of Becontree tube station, however the aid is possible in-terms of ambulance service, which is available within one mile radius of this underground station.

    Becontree Ambulance Station
    Dagenham Police Station
    Chadwell Heath Police Station
    Barking Police Station

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    Hospitals & Clinics are serving the residents and visitors of this area with state of the art medical infrastructure, all of these have specialist doctors and physicians that are offering 24/7 services to their clients.

    Jaiswal Dr B
    Julia Engwell Health Centre
    I L Services Ltd
    Porters Avenue
    Health Centre
    Castle Dental Practice
    Fanshawe Health Centre
    John Smiths Medical Centre

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    Shopping Malls are situated a bit away from this station however, one of the famous malls of London is located at a walking distance from this rapid transit.

    The Mall Shopping Centre

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    Childcare Centres are really helpful for the professional parents, who are unable to look after their children while at work. Therefore, many child care centres are available in the suburbs of this underground tube station.

    Panda Miracles
    Quality Kids
    Tina Hartley - Childminder in Barking
    Make A Difference At Sandys

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