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London is a city where you can come across people related to diverse culture. Though every inhabitant is fond of food that is related to his/her country’s cuisine, still they greatly admire British food and prefer having it on daily basis. British cuisine is known for having simple dishes made by high quality ingredients and complimented with delicious yet unfussy sauces. The flavors of each dish helps in giving prominence to British cuisine. By keeping in mind great percentage of British food fans, several restaurants are established in the capital city, likewise all over United Kingdom. Each dine in place makes sure to provide heavenly experience to their customers so that they can come again for more.


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    Hawksmoor Seven Dials is located in Westminster. This lovely dine-in place is also known for granting the bar service, along with restaurant provisions.  The range of drinks present here will definitely compliment the British food, which you will order.

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    Rose & Crown; for more than two centuries under the prominent company of Taylor and Walker, Rose & Crown have been serving high quality food and drinks to the citizens of London. Though massive innovation has been brought in, still they have not compromised the high quality of food and the friendly service.

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    Canteen is not only famous for their unique style of chairs and spacious yet comfortable restaurants, but the range of items present in their menu is also an important reason, why people prefer coming here again.  They try their level best to bring variation in their menu, so that people do not get bored with the usual number of items.

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    The Ritz London knows how to pamper their customers and give them royal preference in a classy yet comfortable environment. Not only British, but you will be served with several other famous cuisines. Besides lunch and dinners, you can also place reservation request for a party or private celebration.

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    The Harwood Arm’s staff will serve every meal in a special manner. The food will not only define itself from the aroma and flavors, but through its appearance as well. This family oriented place is best for official lunch and dinner, besides that they will also arrange private parties and gatherings for you.

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    Porters English Restaurant will give you a chance to experience English traditions. They will show you the culture of British through the lovely range of food and delicious variety of drinks. So whether you wish to celebrate an occasion, or wish to plan a casual gathering then do keep this place in mind.

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    The Rib Room contains provision of restaurant along with a fantastic bar, with unique collection of beverages. Their elegant décor and comfortable environment is another reason besides scrumptious food, why people revisit here.

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    Greig's Grill is located in the heart of Mayfair. In next to no time the restaurant accomplished in acquiring a perfect reputation as a best steak selling dine in place. The mouthwatering range of sauces and some unique tasty variety of wine and beer, will definitely give you a chance to have a royal meal.

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    Roast Restaurant is known for using the finest seasonal ingredients in their dishes. Seven days a week they will serve you all three time meals. But if you intend to plan an official meeting here, then do not waste any time in thinking because Roast Restaurant is known for arranging best breakfast and brunch meetings.

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    Tom's Kitchen was inaugurated by Tom Aikens in the year 2006. The business grew massively after winning the award. The restaurant contains three stories where all three meal’s provisions are provided. Décor clearly reflects British culture, so if you desire to experience the life of true English do pay a visit at this cozy dine-in place.

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    Butlers Wharf Chop House is famous for granting its customers a royal protocol in affordable rates. You will definitely get astonished after knowing the rates of the delicious, yet amazingly garnished dishes. Besides dine in facility a bar service is also obtainable at the restaurant.

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    Rhodes Twenty Four is located on the tallest building of the capital city, London. Best British food is served in a very lovely and cozy environment.  A bar is also present within the restaurant, which will give you a chance to choose your favorite drink from the classic range of beverage.

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    A Lounge; if you are looking for a place where you along with your friends, can enjoy a thrilling night out, then A lounge is an ideal place. This restaurant is not only serving its duties as perfect dine-in place, but the bar and the dance floor available in A Lounge will work perfectly as a night club and pub as well.

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    The English Pig comes among the best British restaurants of London which serves distinctive dishes by bringing variations in the old recipes. They are known for having experienced cooks who do not take cooking as their jobs but they admire it as their hobby.

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