List of Trademark Lawyers in London

Trademark lawyers in London have guided thousands of people in attaining the rights to names, designs and letters that are unique to their business or legal entity. Trademark lawyers make sure that your trademark lawfully belongs to you. They also make sure that you legally proceed against anyone trying to use your trademark. Since many owners and businessmen are now familiar with the importance of registering a trademark, demand for trademark lawyers in the British capital is high. If you are looking to register a trademark and can’t find a trademark lawyer then consult our step by step list of trademark lawyers in London. These lawyers will help you to not only understand the process but also handle the legal issues involved in registering or defending a trademark.


  • 1

    Abel & Imray, is well-known law firm that has team of attorneys specialises in trademark, intellectual property and other laws.

  • 2

    Reddie & Grose, is one of the leading names in the list of London's law firm that is offering services regarding trademark and other intellectual properties.

  • 3

    Dehns, closely listens to their clients and then give them the best advice which is tailored according to their needs.

  • 4

    Harrison Goddard Foote London Patent Attorneys, is one of the fastest emerging law firms in the UK that is offering full services  regarding intellectual  property which includes trademark as well.

  • 5

    Brookes Batchellor LLP, is offering services in protecting what is rightfully yours. Their team is based on European patent and trade mark lawyers.

  • 6

    Phillips & Leigh, are trade mark and patent attorneys that are providing not just expert advice but also high quality practice in the related law.

  • 7

    Azrights Intellectual Property Solicitors, is providing law services in trade mark and other intellectual property together with help on copyright.

  • 8

    EIP, is dealing in all aspects of patent law. They also give advice on trademarks and designs.

  • 9

    Gill Jennings & Every LLP, is another well established name in the list of the law firms that are providing services related to trade mark and patent law.

  • 10

    Williams Powell, is a medium sized law firm that is offering patent and trademark related law services to the Londoners.

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