Best Exercise for Overweight Children

The number of overweight children is swelling all over the world and most of them belong to younger ages these days. Millions of children grow on rapid pace and eventually put on huge amount of weight by the time they reach college. High sugar and fat diet is the prime reason for this abnormal physical growth of kids and it results in other serious issues.

Many schools have arranged for physical education classes for their pupil, aiming to provide enough workouts to keep their weight under control. However, such facilities are not available at all the schools and lesser attention is given to take children through physical activities. It is for the parents and teachers alike to educate their children and encourage them to be a part of adequate physical activities to maintain their weight. Routine exercise is obviously the best possible solution to this problem but not many kids like to be involved in this tiresome activity.

Parents need to lead their children by an example and should engage in physical exercises to entice the need of workouts within their kids. It might be a difficult process to follow but the eventual results do pay off well. Overweight kids might be victimized by a number of diseases in the later part of their lives and it is better to take the challenge from the initial stage. Heart and cholesterol problems are commonly found in overweight people. Surely you will not desire to see your child surrounded by such problems in future and the following steps might be helpful in bringing your overweight children to their real shape:


  • 1

    Get out for a walk

    One of the easiest and effective ways for a moderate physical activity is to take your children for an evening walk along with you. Going out for a walk with your entire family in good weather is a decent physical activity to kick-start metabolism and workout the legs, along with spending some quality time all together. For the starters, a brisk walk of 10 to 15 minutes will be suitable and then the walking distance can be increased gradually in the following days.

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    Dace fever

    This is the best physical activity that children don’t consider to be an exercise. Dancing involves extensive workout, moving every muscle of human body and sweating a lot. Encourage your children to dance and burn out the excessive fat in their bodies.

  • 3

    Keeping it simple

    Medical experts recommend at least 30 minutes of intense activity for children every day. Keeping it simple for your children, you can just lead them to physical exercises and activities on daily basis. Basic exercises, including body stretching, arm windmills, waist twists, knee bends and squats, for 10 to 15 minutes daily will be very effective. Once tuned into exercises, this time span can be extended further.

  • 4

    Other activities

    Team sports like, basketball, baseball, soccer or football, are good sources of physical workouts. Gymnastics is even more challenging and effective to maintain weight. Encourage your children to spend their spare time in such activities and the results will be phenomenal.

    One way or the other, you have to engage your overweight children in any sort of physical activity for healthy living.

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