Best Outdoor Dining Restaurants in London

Enjoy summers in London by taking your meals outside in the garden. If you plan to dine out, choose a restaurant that has outdoor capacity so that you enjoy the awe-inspiring views that London presents and take in the revitalizing breeze that plays with your hair, while enjoying your food. Even if it is autumn, witness the gold on the trees against the backdrop of gray skies, or if its the winters then you can actually reach out to the falling snow flakes. London has some exquisite restaurants with gardens and terraces that overlook the greenery and sights around them.


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    Clerkenwell Kitchen:

    The Clerkenwell kitchen has a courtyard with seating capacity where you dine among flowers with funky perched umbrellas to shield from direct sun. With an exceptional service, delightful menu topped up overwhelming dessert collection, this place is surely worth a try.

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    Amphitheatre Bar, Restaurant and Terrace:

    The Royal opera house has a terrace on its third floor, unknown to many around London. Part of it is a bar and the other half is a restaurant. Dine here in perfect British classic style with views of Convent Garden's covered market.

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    The Ledburry:

    Have your food with the world moving around you out on the pavement while you stop in the moment to enjoy the delectable food just served to you at Ledburry. Do not worry; you are perfectly shielded from the outside view. A smart way to dine with fine French cuisine, Ledburry is all about being thankful for all the joys good food brings.

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    For Malaysian food lovers, Suka is certainly a favorite. It is located inside the five star,  A wonderfully decorated terrace that is open for diners who prefer to eat outside while those attending the restaurant bar can take their drinks and cocktails outside to the courtyard.

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    Coq d'Argent

    Broaden your horizons at this superb restaurant with the terrace looking out to some of London’s wonders including the Crystal Palace, St. Paul’s and the Gherkin. Feast both your eyes and your tummy. It has garden in the sky and serves French food that leaves you with plans to return to this restaurant even before you end your food.

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    The Bingham:

    Overlooking river Thames, this restaurant lets you have a romantic dinner in its true form. Hold still while nature displays some of its finest acts around you -both in food and views. The food here begs you to over-eat and the ambiance makes you wish you had all night to spend here.

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    Cinnamon Culture:

    This Indian place has a garden with barbeque and grill. The heavenly smell of food cooking carries all over the garden and drugs your senses. It is your ultimate destination for traditional lip-smacking Indian food.

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    The Terrace:

    The Terrace has space for ten tables in its Eco-friendly premises. The outdoor seating looks out to the Tennis fields at Lincoln's Inn. The Terrace is filled with diners on weekdays who are in love with its breakfast deals and three course lunch menu.

  • 9

    Petersham's Nurseries Cafe:

    Petersham spells out elegance. Surrounded with flowers of all colors that hold your attention for as long as the food arrives, which is so good you feel like hugging it. Petersham is the perfect place for conscious ladies who want to socialize and eat in style.

  • 10

    Candy Cakes:

    If you do not have time to stay anywhere for lunch, choose Candy cakes for its cupcakes and pastries. It has a small but lovely outdoor area. Sit here and cherish your moments with delights so soft they melt in your hands.

  • 11

    Babylon at the roof gardens:

    Enjoy a wondrous day and a starry night at Babylon's roof top restaurant and feed on food that is truly devouring.  Pause and feel the moments here. They are probably one of the best of your life, with such amazing views of your beloved city.

  • 12

    Blueprint Cafe:

    Here you get binoculars to relish views of the Gherkin and Tower Bridge. The menu is a delight and is complemented with desserts as delectable as rabbit pie. The wine list is also impressive with a growing focus on organic drinks.

  • 13

    Oxo Tower restaurant:

    With a balcony on the eighth floor, you are surely one lucky person if you get seats on the riverside overlooking the glittering river Thames. Buckle up  for some riverside romance here and behold the seduction of not just the company, but also of Thames and the food.

  • 14

    Sky Lounge at the double tree Hotel:

    Open terraces that steal your views of the Tower Bridge and the metropolitan city itself, Sky Lounge candidly delivers its promises of delectable grills and platters. Carry your glass over to the terrace when it gets too crowded and noisy.

  • 15

    Drapers Arms:

    A walled garden clad with vine offers solid British food with a daily changing menu of tempting varieties. The bar serves a pleasing array of beers and wines that befit your culinary tastes. Choose Drapers if you are a patient person as the service can falter at times.

  • 16

    Al Volo:

    Al Vovo houses a deck with a seating capacity of fifty people and treats them with its exquisite Italian cuisine, highlighting  freshly baked pastas that make you wish for another helping. Al Vovo boasts of taking away its customers from the city noise and reviving their senses with its relaxed ambiance.

  • 17

    The Bickley:

    The walled garden here provides rustic setting for an Al Fresco meal. Enjoy your meals surrounded by flowers and vegetable patches. It has a garden kitchen that serves delightful seasonal dishes.

  • 18

    Serpentine Bar and Kitchen:

    An envious location  near the water gives this restaurant an absolute edge. Enthralling views of the water from the terrace make the food a little more savory.

  • 19


    Another riverside restaurant that offers a relaxed dining ambiance and lets you get over a long day on its terrace overlooking mesmerizing shows by nature. Food at Tompkins is one thing you can never complain about at this stylish restaurant.

  • 20


    Ritz London offers Alfresco dining in its private garden with lace trimmed white cloth tables surrounded by green and white flowers. Ritz gives off a lavish aura and has been long known for its impeccable food and service.

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