Best Places to Visit in London

Are you planning to go to London and don’t know what are the best places to visit there? Many people are of the view that London is quite an expensive city. Although there are many activities that you can experience in London free of cost but that simply involves no other activity than sightseeing or window shopping. However, if you are looking for activities that combine fun, adventure, romance and often dating there are quite a lot of places you can visit.

Here is a list of the ten best activities which you can do while you are out in London to enjoy yourself. We have given a brief outline of all those activities below. Simply choose the ones which you like the best.


  • 1

    Thames Park, is considered to be not only popular but perhaps an essential activity for those touring London.

  • 2

    Thames Cruise, offer regular cruise from Westminster, tower and Greenwich Piers, offering sightseeing, lunch and evening dinner.

  • 3

    London Eye, allows you to fly over London for about half an hour in a secure, enclosed capsule, with amazing long-distance views.

  • 4

    Streathem Ice Arena, It can be really awesome holding hands of your partner and skating over the ice with people watching you and getting entertained.

  • 5

    Greenwich park, located southeast of central London and is easily reachable by public transport still proves to be attractive from the tourists point of view.

  • 6

    London Zoo, is one of the ancient and most valued zoos in the world. It is always better to have a day out exploring animals and their activities.

  • 7

    My Chocolate, Learning about the preparation of Chocolate is equally exciting as eating one. You can learn how to make some tasty delights at home by taking a class.

  • 8

    Notting Hill, It is delightful street market and by the time it is night, a number of appealing restaurants, coffee shops and cock tail bars could be seen around.

  • 9

    Electric Cinema, Watching movie is considered to be a standard type of entertainment but can become rather exiting if you are in the Electric Cinema.

  • 10

    London Theatre, The city’s of London most famous theatres which offer everything from the Shakespeare era to the modern times.

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