Best ways to attract men in public

It is pretty easy to get attention from men in public, you simply need to stand out from the crowd… if you look the same, dress the same, talk the same, act the same, behave the same as a common person in public in order to get attention then you are most likely going to fail unless you’re Kim Kardashian and your ass sticks out 20 inches…. Let’s leave the sarcasm there and back to the seriousness!


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    Where is the best location: Where do you think good men will be in public? If you’re looking for someone smart I guess that would be library but if you’re over 30 you may find younger students in the library… you need to think it through properly as you must “Stage” how you will meet a good man.

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    “It’s all about me” yes it sound selfish and big headed but too bad this is the mentality you must have, do not look around you and wish you had a bigger chest… you must believe that you are the complete package if you don’t feel it from the inside, believe me… it will not show from the outside

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    Making long eye contact – so you see a hot guy that you like? What is the obvious way to get his attention… to prolong eye contact… keep staring at him on a few occasions if he still doesn’t understand then go ahead and smile whilst looking at him, this is if you’re really interested you will make the effort rather than blowing away a good chance to get with a hot guy – I have seen many occasions when a woman smiles how a guy comes running towards her. Let’s say the guy really doesn’t still pick up the signal then a slight nod of the head to him may just do it.

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    You know what they say… Dress to impress but don’t impress by revealing too much of your body you must be modest otherwise you will come across as someone that just wants a one night stand and nothing else. You must look at your age, your body type and shape and dress according to that… do not do something out of the ordinary just come across as someone that knows how to dress well, an independent woman (men like those). Also do NOT overdo it with the perfume, just a slight scent is good enough as you don’t want him falling in love with your perfume you want him to fall for you.

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