How to Be a Good Boyfriend

To all the boys out there who think that the best way to make your girlfriend happy is by comprising on your own personality or by being submissive – you are living in a fool’s world. Women want their men to be strong, witty, respectful yet dominating, and that is exactly the concept on which you need to work on.  Men should know how to court women, understand their emotions and problems, and be there for them.

While every girl is a mystery in herself, there are several positive traits which never fail to impress that wonderful gender and it all comes down to how good you are as a person.


  • 1

    Listen to her

    Girls like to speak, a lot, literally. And they want everybody to pay attention while they are doing so. While you can escape most of the times, you cannot do so when it comes down to your girlfriend - boy you have to develop a listening stamina or you are in big trouble. Never give an indication that you are bored by the excessive murmur of your girl and nod to her every now and then. The best thing will be to support her opinion, but if that is not possible, try to calmly make your point. There is no point arguing with the one you like, or love.

  • 2

    Be witty and fun loving

    Learn to be witty. You should be jolly enough to bring a smile on your girlfriends face every now and then.

  • 3

    Don’t be submissive

    You should be your own man in front of your girlfriend. Don’t accept every demand of your girl and what stand by your rules and opinions most of the time. By being passive, you become a man who can be easily melted and girls eventually lose interest in such guys.

  • 4

    Never forget to pay compliments

    Girls love to be praised and being a good boy friend requires you pass on compliments every now and then. This will definitely make your bond stronger.

  • 5

    Don’t be over possessive

    Most boys become very touchy about their girlfriends and unconsciously start acting weirdly when they see some other boy talking to her. This is wrong. You need to give her some space and trust her. If in case you find out that there was indeed something fishy, then it is better to let her go.

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