Black And White Cocktail Recipe

If you are fond of cocktails and at the same time quite selective about them, then the name of Black & White Cocktail must have swept through your mind a lot many times. It may not be wrong to see that the name Black & White drives you somewhere into the Charlie Chaplin era when the movies used to be black & white. If you want to sip the fizzy Black & White Cocktail, you can always go to a number of bars and pubs but then, you will end up spending handsome amounts of bucks on buying it! However, if you happen to know the recipe of the cocktail, then you can not only have something to save but also try it whenever you like to.

To your surprise, it is quite easy to prepare the Black & White Cocktail at home provided you have the below listed ingredients readily available.


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    Preparation Time: 2 to 5 minutes
    Serving Size: 01
    Utensils: Mixing Glass, Chilled Cocktail Glass, Cocktail Shaker or Stirrer


    - (2 measures) Dark rum
    - (½ measure )Grenadine
    - (½ measure )Tamarind Syrup
    - (1 tea spoon) Sugar Syrup
    - Cracked or crushed ice
    - Juice of Grapefruit
    - 2 or more Raspberries for decoration – optional

    Chilled Cocktail Glass

    For a cocktail, it is very important to be served in a chilled cocktail glass. Therefore, you should put a cocktail glass inside the freezer and allow it to thoroughly chill for at least an hour or so before serving.

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    Putting the Ingredients in a mixing glass

    Take another glass for the purpose of mixing and put both the ingredients (Kahlua and Milk) of Black & White Cocktail in it. Make sure you have thoroughly washed the glass before putting the ingredients to avoid any impurities in the cocktail.

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    Mixing the Ingredients

    After putting the ingredients in the mixing glass, use the stirrer to mix them properly. You can also shake the mixing glass if you are not satisfied with the stirrer.

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    Putting in a Cocktail Glass

    Take the cocktail glass out of the freezer and put some ice cubes in it. After that, transfer the mixture in to the cold cocktail glass with care.

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    Your Black & White Cocktail is now ready to be served.

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